A year in numbers

It’s Valentine’s Day which means only one thing–

I’ve been in Korea for officially 1 year!

Yes, I landed in Incheon International Airport on February 14 2015.

I’m not much of a math person, but when there’s such a large volume of data, sometimes numbers are better than words.

So here is my year in Korea in numbers:

Number of apartments had: 4

Number of cities lived in: 2

Number of schools worked at: 7

Number of children taught: 500+

Number of directors: 2

Number of tier 1 friends made: 6

Number of Korean’s Kakao ids: 13

Number of Kakao ids because of random kpop things: 8

Number of Kakao ids I have I don’t know why: 5

Number of countries visited: 4

Number of times I went to Japan: 2 (soon to be 3)

Number of Korean provinces visited: 8

Number of times I’ve gotten lost on the subway: 25+

Number of celebrities I’ve touched (in a not creepy way?): 13

Number of celebrities I’ve talked to (who answered…): 12

Number of times I saw Shinee live: 8

Number of times I saw Exo live: 8

Number of solo concerts: 8

Number of festivals: 4

Number of albums on my bookshelf: 32

Number of books on my bookshelf: 11

Number of lightsticks on my bookshelf: 7

Number of broken bones: 1

Number of banana milks drank: 365+

Number of fried chickens consumed: 50+

Pounds of kimchi eaten: unknowable

Number of new foods tried: 50+

Number of apps on my phone you don’t have: 18

Number of pictures on my computer: 2145

Number of skills gained: a lot

I think the Koreans were on to something when they decided to tie “wishsticks” to a fence.


Because mine came true.

If you haven’t heard, I’m extending my contract until June and then coming home for a North American tour. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening after, but I’m fairly certain it will involve moving back to Seoul.

Because I’m not finished here.

so until next Valentine’s Day ~~




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