of lameness and epicness

December has been pretty lame. All I’ve written about was last term and CCTV.

There are three reasons for this:

  1. Last month was epic. So many things happened–a lot I didn’t even have time to write about. And it drained me both financially and physically. But no regrets.
  2. It’s dang cold. Like hide under the covers with a flashlight and hot chocolate cold. It’s not that I didn’t WANT to sleep outside for Music Core last Saturday, it was just so cold MBC worked around the system and forced everyone to do impossible button clicking email. I don’t stand a chance against these girls. There are other things to do–but why would I do those things when I could lay on my warm floor. That’s right–I turned my ondol on. On Saturday I literally watched It’s a Wonderful life on the floor. On Sunday, Silvia came over and we watched videos which we fell asleep during. I literally literally fell asleep on the floor with no blankets for comfort. Why would I walk around outside when I could stay on my floor.
  3. I rationalized my lameless with the fact that these next two weeks are going to be…wild. In ways that I chose myself, and in ways that chose me. So to make up for my recent lameness, I will give an itinerary–a chapter guide–of things to look forward to.

–The chapter where Sylvi flies in on Christmas Eve, like a little puppy with a bow (how did she convince her parents this time?) and since I can’t spend Christmas Day with my family, I’m spending it with friends at an extremely popular concert. It’s the second best option.

–The chapter where I attend the SBS Music Awards. It’s like what if all of my favorite people (that I don’t actually know) decided to sit in the same room for 4 hours and receive awards and perform. Unlike Melon, I dropped some Sejongs (literally) to get VIP tickets. We aren’t entirely sure what that means. They are numbers “6” and “9”–but are those seat numbers? Or is it a standing thing and like the standing concerts we go to, those are your entrance numbers? And the girl said something about “5”, but Silvia has done some market research and there are other tickets for “VIP 1” for the same price. Is that like section? In which case, 1 doesn’t have to be better than 5. It could just mean a different area. Neither the girls we bought from nor the girls selling on Twitter actually know what it means either–only that they got them from the SBS Director.


We definitely met up with a tumblr fan master with connections for this drop. If it was a money transfer I’d be worried about scam, but we met in person and exchanged cash for paper. I know your face, and I know your twitter account handle–you wouldn’t risk losing thousands of followers and your whole livelihood for one show. And there are a couple of other girls selling them. Not many–they are VIP. But yes there are some, so I’m not concerned about them being fake. What I’m trying to say is that I took a huge risk–the highest stakes I’ve ever raised. Because that’s how I live my life. Bring it.

–Perhaps the most anticipated chapter my triumphant return to Suwon. Yes, my next mission is Jangan Langcon Suwon for the week of the 28-31.


Jessica confirmed it today.


thanks for being there for me

My friend suggested I walk in with a cape and I’m seriously considering it. Worn by both heroes and villains, capes have a certain ambiguity. Am I here to save you or kill you? Am I your savior or demise? I suppose it depends on the person. I also want someone behind me with an Ipod speaker blasting this:

^swag outfit, plastic deer, and broken mirror chuseyo

My proverbial death was dramatic, my resurrection needs to be that much more memorable. Any suggestions?

So get ready for this lame slump to end and get back to living a life worth writing about.


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