of osaka and stuff

I only spent a day and a night in Osaka, but having been to Tokyo, I’d say it was enough.

I spent most of my time, meaning the 12 hours we didn’t have a hostel (no, no love motels this time mom), in Namba–specifically Dotonbori. It had a mini Ikebukuro (anime street), a mini Red Light District (…), a mini Shinjuku (karaoke and sushi), a mini Shibuya (with an excellent Tower Records–though not as good as the one in Tenoji). It had a famous Glico ad that I didn’t know was famous and a 24 hour McDonalds.


He’s big. He lights up. Definitely famous

And it had a full size Don Quijote.

Don Quijote is like what if Oriental Trading Company, Sam’s Club, and Claire’s  were mixed in a blender and then tossed in a 7 story department store. You’d think 7 stories would be enough for this concoction, but with three separate displays of false eyelashes, and entire aisle of sexual Mrs. Clause costumes, and a whole  floor of snacks that may or may not be delicious, it gets a little cramped.


my dream

So cramped in fact, that even exo was hard to spot, who came the next night.


actual photo cred to this girl who found him

We spent a good hour in Don Quijote wandering the floors. We lost each other a few times, but at least there was wifi.

The top floor was the “expensive”stuff–MCM bags and Razor glasses. While they were protected by glass, the explosion shaped neon paper with the price written in black marker made it look cheap.

I’m not sure why it’s called Don Quijote seeing as I didn’t see anything imported from Spain. Perhaps because the entire thing is  like a bad dream. Or maybe because windmills can be seven stories tall. Or maybe because when you emerge you you’re kind of like…what did I just do…

I’m sure Osaka has other charms. Dotonbori is just one section of one neighborhood. In fact, we planned on going to a pretty park up north because it was free and because of autumn and because apparently they sold fried maple leaves and who doesn’t want to try that?

But then after being in a Starbucks until 4am when it closed, and then going to the McDonalds that ended up having no wifi and was therefore useless, it started to rain.

I literally had 2000 yen, which was enough to get me to the airport and a snickers bar. The park would be free but walking around in the rain had little appeal, despite the concept of fried maple leaves.

We decided to just go to the aiport so as to be sure we didn’t miss our flight. It ended up raining all day and all night. We pushed some benches together and switched between sleeping and marathoning a drama. Not exactly the most exciting way to end a vacation, but we had had a lot of excitement beforehand and plenty of memories.


our little nest

To be continued…




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