How to Get Into the Melon Music Awards

This title is slightly misleading, because I’m not entirely sure how I got into the Melon Music Awards.

I mean, I attended. But I really don’t understand how.

yes, I’ve arrived

“Melon” is the iTunes of Korea. It’s wear you purchase and stream songs. It keeps charts and releases singles and videos. View count and purchases on Melon are one of the factors used in determining the winners of music shows. And it’s my Melon receipt I have to print out in order to get into said music shows.


it’s also what my students call me when they can’t pronounce my name. Which is always.

So the Melon Music Awards are kind of a big deal.

Famous actors and actresses present the awards to groups and soloists–dance, rookie, best girl group, best boy group, artist of the year, album of the year, etc etc and in between the winners perform their songs. So it’s kind of like a festival in that you get to see a bunch of different groups in the same room. Which is of course, Olympic Park. Their performances are usually epic because I mean, they’re trying to win an award. And you get to see them come up and accept award, and a lot of the time there are tears. It’s just overall a fun time and something I needed to attend.

^2013 = actual tears

We got our tickets by haggling on Twitter with a random Korean girl and then meeting her by the Dunkin Donuts at Seoul Station to exchange the cash in an envelope for the tickets, which is pretty much how we do anything these days. It kind of feels like what I imagine cocaine drops go, in that it feels a little sketchy. Also kpop is essentially a drug. Also I’m not sure it’s legal. So perhaps it is exactly like a cocaine drop.


the things I do…

Anyway, so this year none of our favorite groups were going to win. They were nominated, but were unfortunately in Japan at the time. And the fact that they deemed Japan more important than the awards meant that they didn’t expect an award.

So we decided it wasn’t worth sleeping out on the concrete fighting fangirls especially since the weather officially turned last week and I don’t appreciate the humid cold or the rain that isn’t snow because it’s not quite cold enough.

Instead we showed up at 8:30am and waited six hours in said humid cold and rain that was almost snow but not quite.

it was the worst

The line already stretched across Olympic Park, and as the hours went on it only got longer. At one point a staff member came by and shook his iPhone counting app. Guess what numbers we were? 912, 913, and 914.

…that’s a new high…

At 2:00 they finally started letting people exchange their general tickets for the official tickets, but it was another half hour before we got to the front.

Pretty straightforward right? But then the weird thing happened.

So Silvia and I were with my Shinee friend (the one I met at a church camp and got interviewed by my favorite favorite and has been on many adventures now). We had 4 tickets–two for Silvia and I, and two for Haley and Maria. One person is allowed to pick up two tickets, so Haley picked up for Maria who decided to go to Korean class instead of wait in the rain with us.

Smart move.

Silvia and I went right before Haley, but we got completely different seats.

Both of us were on the first floor, but we were in section 6 and they were in section 4.

Also girls in front of us would randomly scream in joy when they picked up their ticket, which makes me think there is some kind of lottery to it. Perhaps like the first 500 get a certain area, the next 500 get a certain area. I’m completely making that up. There has to be some advantage to staying overnight otherwise people wouldn’t do it. But it obviously wasn’t in numerical order.

So that’s what I mean by yes I got into the Melon Music Awards but I’m not entirely sure how.


look at all the little fans and their little light sticks

Also, there were girls selling their tickets on Twitter immediately after the exchange, and ahjussis selling at the entrance which makes means they have connections in line who waited out in the rain for them.

It’s all very interesting.

If I spoke Korean, I would love to do an investigative piece on scalping Kpop tickets. But, at least right now, my vocabulary consists of the basic 100 verbs and nouns, swear words (my students), basic slang (teacher–avalon no chem!)

chem = chemihada = to be fun

and 5 ways to say the word “heart”.

Using context clues, it’s enough to haggle, understand a fanmeet, and sing along to new singles. But it’s not quite enough to actually solve real life problems–like why is this ahjussi taking my bed apart or why my director wanted to fire me.

ANYWAY, the award show itself was great. Lots of performances. One of the oldest groups won Artist of the Year and their fans basically took up the entire stadium waving their crown shaped lightsticks and dancing. While I’m not entirely a fan of them…I was for a couple of hours.

^I accept you and your giant pink coat, leopard jackets, and eyeliner. I accept you.


8 responses to “How to Get Into the Melon Music Awards

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  6. Hai mallory. Ur post is really helpful. I have no idea how i can buy the ticket and finally i know it. Can i ask you something? When you bought the ticket and how much? I want to buy it around oct but i’m afraid it’s already to late and the price will be really high. Can you give me advice? Thank you so much mallory


    • Hello! I think we got 2 tickets for around $50. We got them sent in the mail and then waited in line that day. We turned the tickets in and got a number for entrance. Good luck!


      • 2 tickets for $50? i still looking for the ticket and what i get is 1 ticket for $145. by the way, do you have plan to attend melon music awards this year too?


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