of internet and pepero

/loud knocking on the door/

Me: /rolls over and checks my phone. 8:30./ Who are you go away

Girl Voice: “Annyeongeseyo?”

Boy Voice: “Ne, annyeongeseyo. Sylvi ieyo?”

Me: Oh it’s for Sylvi. /rolls back under blankets and sleeps for two more hours/

This was the third time a mailman had come to our door with tickets.

/over dinner/

Me: Sylvi what did you get this morning?

Sylvi: tickets for Kyuhyun’s musical.

Me: oh cool! When is it?

Sylvi: Christmas day…

Me: /swallows bibimbap roughly/ you’re coming back for Christmas?

Sylvi: no…

Me: well…my cot will be here

Having Sylvi around has been great. We’ve accepted the fact that we are pretty much a couple. While I’m at work all day, she’s off doing fun things with her favorite k-pop star. I’ve only gone to Music Core, but there are music shows every day of the week all around Seoul. Plus fan meets, fan signs, and the actual concert (s).

I get home at 10:30 and we go out to eat at one of the many restaurants surrounding my apartment and catch up about our days.

My life has upgraded in the time since Sylvi came a week ago.

1.I have internet in my apartment! If you’ve been following this blog, you know that for 8 months I’ve been in coffee shops until the wee hours of the morning downing hot choco lattes and other foods good for your mind but not your body. A simple call, internet homeboy came, played around with my plug, Q&A session in Korean with Sylvi, 10 minutes later my loft had finally joined the network of mostly useless information that is both the bane and the benefit of my generation. Now I can laugh out loud at dramas and not be stared at. Now I can talk to my family and friends in my pajamas. Now I can blog and eat something other than hot choco.

2.Speaking of eating something other than hot choco, with Sylvi’s help I crossed off another thing on my bucket list. Using the yogiyo app, I decided I wanted 자짱밥 (rice with an omelette and jajang sauce). I clicked the picture I wanted, entered my address and order, and 10 minutes later rice guy came with a credit card machine and a giant maroon briefcase. After a Q&A session with Sylvi, he opened it and brought out a steaming plate of 자짱밥 and some 만두. Okay yay Mallory! You ordered food! Good for you!


No you don’t understand. This wasn’t Lotteria or fried chicken or pizza. Or even delivery McDonalds (which I have done). This was actual food from an actual restaurant. And the food didn’t come in styrofoam containers to be disposed of and destroy the environment. My rice was on an actual plate, my mandu in an actual bowl, and my soup in an actual soup bowl. With little kimchis and radishes on the side obviously. This was real food from a sit down restaurant that I had delivered to my door.

He also gave me a little blue garbage bag. When you’re done you put your empty plates in the bag and set them bag outside. Sometime in the night rice guy comes and takes your bag back to their owner so you walk outside and it’s like it never happened.


like reverse santa clause

3. G-Market–a third Korean hurdle that I’ve wanted to conquer but with my lack of skillz (and time) have been unable to. G-Market is the Amazon of Korea–a website where you enter your payment information, buy stuff, and and then they handle paying the suppliers. But G-Market has gone a step further in that you can also choose to add the purchase to your phone bill. Which makes it even easier to spend money. Also…G-Market is palli palli. I got my first purchase, a pair of shoes, in 24 hours. 24 hours. And no, I didn’t select express shipping. All shipping is free. And delivered to your door. In record time. So Sylvi showed me how to pay, and I now I have a dangerous amount of things I want to buy at my fingertips and a dangerously little amount of money to buy them with.

Right now Sylvi is laying on the cot that a previous owner left behind. She’s been streaming Kyuhyun’s new song for literally 36 hours to increase his chances of winning Solo Artist of the Year. I went downstairs this morning and she had it playing by her bedside.

And now–

/sylvi scrolling on her phone muttering/ I don’t want to share my pepero party…

me: /laughs/ what?

sylvi: I want pepero but I don’t need this many.

me: how many pepero is it?

sylvi: 40 boxes for $7…

me: no Sylvi. I do not even have enough friends to eat 40 boxes of pepero.

sylvi: yes but I don’t want to share my pepero party…..I just want to share it with Kyuhyun…/goes back to scrolling/


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