how work is going

“If you have any book reports, you can put them on Mallory’s desk and she’ll do them”

“If you need any help grading tests, quizzes, books, just ask Mallory”

“You guys can start planning vacations now. Since we have Mallory now, you should be able to take off any time!”

“Who has homework clinic today? Person A and Person B at 7:30? Okay rock scissors paper it and the winner gets a break while Mallory does it.”

These are just a few of the things said about me in our morning meeting.

My official job title is “back up teacher” which can mean substitute for midnight runners like I did in Imae last month, or doing everything that the other teachers don’t want to do.

Regardless, people are just so grateful for my existence. The Imae head teacher was so happy I was there because it meant she didn’t have to take over all another girl’s classes until they hired a new teacher.

And my peeps here in Nowon, well, my name = more free time.

And the whole thing is wonderful for me too because not only am I appreciated for just existing, but most of my day is still free. My stint in Suwon made me incredibly efficient.

I learned how to stick shinee in my ears to tune out the world,  and blast out five text messages a day (versus three a month), correct quizzes with style, and whiz through book reports without doing a crappy job.


I even use my stamp from Hello Kitty Island!

My efficiency makes me feel a bit…guilty almost. Like, I get this done so fast, but people are so grateful. And I’m like no really guys, it’s not a big deal.

Once I finish your book reports, I’m researching my vacation to Taiwan in three weeks, writing blog posts, or tumbling.

There are of course days when I’m actually substituting and therefore have a full scheduled teacher position. But my stint in Suwon also gave me stamina. While my coworkers are like, ‘ugh it’s Tuesday. I have five classes today with only one break” I’m like…

aww that’s cute

The bi-yearly Avalon conference was yesterday and I got to catch up with my Suwon ladies. Things are the same as ever. No breaks. Added work every day. Happiness left in the coffee shops across the street. Sohee, the adorable Korean fairy who started the same day as me, already found a new job and is quitting after this term. Omma teacher is pregnant and prefers her third trimester over going to work every day. She is counting down the days for more reason than one. Jessica is a hot mess who only stays because she has no where else to go. And the extra Korean teacher who I worked so hard to get…she’s quitting because she cries every day too.

I talked to the girl who replaced me and she said that Director has chosen a new target–the girl who replaced my head teacher. Apparently she gets picked on by Director every day for something and goes home crying. My old coteachers said it’s exactly the same situation I was in. And they are so jealous of my new gig.

I’m constantly comparing, contrasting, and connecting everything around me. I don’t mean to–it’s just my nature. Everything reminds me of something else. And visiting all of these other campuses, it’s like the universe is just asking me to compare the work load, director behavior, class size, and overall happiness bar. Everywhere that is not there is better than there.

Suwon seems like such a long time ago, it’s hard to believe not even one term has passed. Reading old posts is like watching home movies. I know that was me. But it doesn’t seem like me. That girl’s problems are not my problems. So I’m not really sure if it’s me or not.

Okay one of my coworkers just came over with a stack of book reports. I’m on it.


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