of being special and watching other people be special

If I have any advice for someone going to a music show it would be this—just go. Slept in? Just go. Don’t feel like going the night before? Just go the next day.

Because you never know what will happen.

For example, this weekend was the end of the DMC festival and instead of having the regular Music Core, they had a giant concert with (almost) all of my favorite people performing. It was great in that almost all of my favorite people were performing, but I was also a little torn. I recently got interested in another rookie group (don’t ask) and wanted to go to Music Core for them. Only to learn that my favorite favorite was going.

But I decided to stick with my rookie group because that was my original plan.

I’m a Kpop slut not sorry

Since this rookie group has a relatively small group of fans still, we didn’t do the whole night before get a number thing. We had the merchandise we needed and planned to show up the day of.

So that’s what we did.

My shinee friend didn’t plan on going because it was so different than usual, and she’s done Music Core dozens of times, but then she was like what the heck so she went over to DMC that night and went through the entire merchandise/line up/overnight/get a number process with the shinee fans (a much larger group)

I got there before Silvia and my shinee friend didn’t really know what was going on because it was so different from usual.

I had no idea where or when or how this rookie group was meeting, so shinee friend and I sat and chatted for a while by the entrance because there are benches there and because it is a good view for blocking the show.

She had no idea if she is going to get in to the show because her fan group is so large, and I had no idea because I can’t even find my people.

Flashback—this one time years ago  my family went to Disneyworld. A man thought my little sister was cute. I mean she was (is) cute, but I think a part of it may have been pity since she looked like an accident victim. She had burned her cheek on the stove so she had a giant bandage, and she had such a bad sunburn the rest of her face was red and peeling like a snake. But I mean she was cute too.

Anyway, so this stereotypical Disney employee (clean shaven, nice hair, happy disposition) comes up to us and is like, “what’s your favorite ride?” We were in Epcot and my brother and I loved Test Track. He was like, “oh good choice. Come with me.” Then he brought my family back stage on Test Track and let us cut to the front of the line—twice. His official job was “Dream Maker” where he literally just went around the park and…made people’s dreams come true. It felt so magical, and I felt so special and lucky, it was a great memory. #dreamscometrue

Back to story—So we are sitting there chatting when all of the sudden this typical MBC staff comes up to us (Asian, well dressed, stressed disposition) and says, “Do you guys have tickets?”

Me: “no….”

“Well here are some.”

And he straight up gave shinee friend and I freaking tickets into the show. For no reason at all accept our existence (and possibly because we are cute.)

Once again I felt so incredibly lucky and special.

It happened so fast and my mind was so blown, I forgot to ask for one more for Silvia—but I had a feeling it was going to work out.


once again sitting at dmc!

An hour later, my shinee friend did end up finding the shinee people. And she did end up getting a ticket, so she gave hers to Silvia.

But wait is gets better.

The sm staff saw her and were like—yes—intense foreign shinee fan who spent the night. You. Come with me.

So they brought her to the front of the crowd. I mean FRONT of the crowd—very first row.

Wait it gets better.

Suddenly, halfway through the show, my very favorite favorite Kpop guy, in shinee and hosts Music Core, walked up to shinee friend. And interviewed her.

In front of hundreds of people.

Silvia and I were in the back and FLIPPED out because was this really happening. My shinee friend was on the big screen, being interviewed by my favorite favorite. (Not her favorite favorite, but close).

His English makes me laugh so hard in an you’re-so-adorable kind of way

We may or may not have screamed her name so loud the girls in front of us were like, ‘what the–’. And while I was no where near her, and it was not actually me going through the experience, it caught me so off guard I was shaking and my heart was racing as if it were me.

If that weren’t enough, that night I was just casually scrolling through tumblr like usual when I stumble upon this. Shinee friend is officially a gif.

So people–go to Music Core.

You never know what will happen.

You may just end up being interviewed by Choi Minho.

Or at least watching your friend be.


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