of cribs and lofts

“Both housing and removal are quite well.”

Thank you Regular Fortune, for understating my situation. Because I wouldn’t say that my current habitation is just regular.

I’ve lived in four apartments in 7 months. My nomadic lifestyle has caused me to keep my possessions to a minimum.

In my first shoebox apartment, I picked this nice box up off the side of the road and declared it my bookshelf. I decorated it with shinee stickers and all of my magazines, books, cds, and movies tucked nicely inside, though it was getting a little cozy.


it’s cute in a way


I knew I would use these stickers for something

I found a mirror and put it on top of my bookshelf and every morning I’d sit on the ground and put my makeup on.

The only other piece of furniture I had was a fold up chinese table left from the last tenant. I placed it in the middle of the room for meal times and then folded it up again and put it to the side.

I didn’t have a closet, but I did have many kitchen cabinets. As a single person, I really only needed one fork, one knife, one spoon, etc etc. So I shoved the dozens of cutlery from past tenants into one drawer and filled the rest of my cabinets with my clothes and underwear. I kept my shoes in the pantry, and my fridge doubled as a nightstand.

It wasn’t glorious but it wasn’t too bad either. That is, until the plumbing system completely degraded and I lost my heat and my laundry room flooded with 2 inches of standing water that then grew black mold.

My second apartment was slightly bigger, with a screened off sink/countertop and another screened off washing machine, and I even had a closet! It was still one main room, so I didn’t add any more furniture.

The view was slightly better in that there were people below and I could see the 7/11. And while there was still no internet or cable, I was satisfied. And while still smaller than everyone else in Avalon, it was clean and there was an elevator outside and closer to the coffee shop.


small yet satisfying

But I knew my stay at the shoebox 2.0 was temporary. About a month later, I was moved to Nowon where I stayed in the Nobless for two weeks. I was rather disappointed with this apartment when I walked in because I’d heard Nowon’s were really nice. I consoled myself by saying that it was still an improvement from the last two because it was bigger, had a real shower (not just a head and a drain), and a working washing machine. However someone had taped up the windows at some point and never took them off. And it was full of furniture I did not want and I was already planning on sneaking pieces out in the middle of the night one at a time to leave on the corner.


at least there’s a lot of light?

However, the location was much better. 10000x better. It was a short walk to the subway station, and only 1/2 from central Seoul. Versus a 25 min (or 10 if I caught the 990) to Suwon Station and then an hour by subway or 40 mins by train to Seoul.

But then, last Saturday, my Head Teacher offered to call HQ for me and see if I could move into a nicer one building, the “Marvelous”, where all the other teachers are. While I didn’t know what it looked like, I trusted her judgment.


good idea mal

And now I’m writing in my loft, on the second floor. There are actual stairs and a second floor in my “apartment”, which is bigger than my entire first apartment.


The first floor is double the size and there are floor to ceiling windows that let in the morning light. The view isn’t Hawaii, but it’s high and makes me feel powerful looking down at all the poor suckers on the subway who have to work early in the morning.


I have big plans for this space

Now I have this bookshelf.


and my wall of fanmail/momentoes

But I just couldn’t part ways with my original bookshelf so it is officially my nightstand.

I did leave my chinese table in the Nobless, knowing I still had the code so I could go back and get it if there was nothing. Turns out this tenant had also left a folding chinese table…four times the size.

So now I’m in this weird situation where I have all of this space but nothing to put in it. It resembles a ballet studio, which would be great if I did ballet, but all I really want to do is put a giant Christmas tree in the middle.

So I’m actually going to go like, buy stuff to furnish this place because I’m going to be here for a while.

Not too much stuff though. I’ve upgraded with each move so as my friend said, in the next 7 months I could end up in a mansion in Gangnam.

But I only had a Regular Fortune, so I’m going to be contend here in my two story loft in the northeast corner of Seoul.

Update: I wrote this last Friday and have had 0% time to post. Since, I have learned that I will be a long term sub in Imae, meaning I will live down there for the week and live in Nowon on the weekends.

That’s right folks.

I’m moving again.


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