of toes and tours

So I’ve casually mentioned that I have a broken toe.

Notice—I didn’t break my toe, I have a broken toe.

T-10 days at my campus and Aiden, the one on the spectrum who ran around screaming and was punched by Taekwando Andy and who’s dad yelled at Sohee for a good hour, was sitting in his chair for once. I leaned over to give him stamps and it just so happens that he was tipped forward in his chair. When he went back to normal position, the chair’s foot landed just-so on my toe to make me curse in front of the children. 

aggressively keeps words in mouth

But, 15 minutes and a class of screaming children later, all was forgotten.

It wasn’t until I got home that night that my foot started hurting, and I had a sneaking suspicion from what, but I figured it was just a bruise in an unfortunate place.


I may or may not have painted my nails just for this picture

But then the next morning my leg had fallen asleep to the point where I could not walk. I stood up and it felt like millions of spiders biting the nerves and blood vessels of my right leg.

that’s not normal

But after a few minutes standing up and getting circulation going, I could walk again and I went to school because if dizziness and puking isn’t a sick day, then a bruised toe definitely isn’t.

So I spent the day in a little bit of pain but not enough to bring it up to my coworkers. But then, walking home, I was shuffling.

Thankfully my new place had an elevator.

The next morning and my spider leg felt even more spidery and it took a while to even walk around. But I did eventually hobble to the convenience store and buy some Tylenol.

This was Friday morning and I texted my Shinee friends saying my foot really hurt…maybe I wouldn’t be able to come…but then I went through a day of school and yeah it didn’t feel 100% but it also wasn’t hurting nearly as bad. I went to a 약 and bought some ibuprofen and while my foot had started swelling out of my shoe, it didn’t hurt any more at least.

Bruised toe doesn’t stop me from school, it won’t stop me from shinee


you can kind of tell my leg is swollen here but doesn’t my smile distract you? 🙂

So then I miraculously got into Music Core and the adrenaline rush from that, the pill popping every few hours, the mango supreme bingsu, and the good times with friends made me forget there was a problem at all. It wasn’t until Sunday night, when the spiders came back, that I realized it was perhaps more than a bruise.

On Monday, after a morning of spiders, one of my coworkers asked why I had a slight limp. I didn’t even notice I had a limp. So I pulled my foot out and everyone’s gasp made me realize that perhaps it was more serious than I had assumed.


yes I took this in a bathroom stall

Unfortunately the clinic is closed at 8:30pm. I tried.

So I went home and iced it.


yeah I should see a doctor

The next morning, I got to the clinic and went to the floor with a picture of a foot on it and told the nurses “pali apayo” and they asked me a bunch of questions and a nice man in the waiting room helped me fill out the forms. The ladies at the desk were adorable in their late 30s with little pink gowns but they could not speak any English at all.

So after a short wait I got into the doctor’s office and in a mix of Korean and English I explained what had happened and I went to the room next door and got an xray. Then I was sent back to the doctor where he was looking at the xray on his computer. He explained that I had a small fracture that would heal in about 3 weeks, moving the mouse around an inflamed area where as a civilian I couldn’t see anything wrong, but as a podiatrist, he could.

So one of the nice ladies brought me into a room and I was put in a cast thing that molded to my foot and a splint up to my knee and wrapped in bandages and then encased in this green apple shoe.


On the one hand, I wish it was another color because green apple is my least favorite flavor of anything. On the other hand, this color is so atrocious it’s impossible to match with anything and therefore I have an excuse to wear whatever I want.

It also means I stick out on the subway, and I’ve even had strangers offer me their seat.

Since being encased, the spiders have gone away. The part that hurt the most actually was not my toe but my other knee, which now had to adjust to an entire new way of walking. #crippleproblems

I was supposed to go back on week 2 for a “checkup” and perhaps a rebandaging, but there’s no way I’m going down to Suwon for said checkup, so the entire ensemble looks pretty grody now. Surviving two weeks walking through Suwon, multiple trips to Seoul including a move to Nowon, and now exploring this new city, it went from looking like a freshly wrapped mummy’s leg to a decaying zombie’s leg. The “toe guard” has officially cracked open on the bottom from the amount of times it’s been caught on a cobblestones, and the bandages themselves are rather loose and falling off, seeing as my leg is no longer swollen. No I am not posting a picture. It was like my campus had one last thing to give me. One last gift before a final goodbye.

Yes, this means I met all my new coworkers with a giant green splint. Yes this means I’ve done speaking tests with children in a giant green splint.

I think my toe is most definitely healed by now, but like you’re supposed to finish the antibiotics long after the symptoms are gone, I’m going to stick it out one more week because I can do hard things.

This is all relevant not really in itself, but because of this weekend’s activity—a concert in my favorite place; Digital Media City. Through some unfortunate timing and miscommunication, Silvia was able to purchase the ticket for just the concert, but if I want to go to the concert, I have to go on an entire tour. An entire freaking walking tour.

self–it will be worth it

So this Saturday, I will be boarding a tour bus, by myself, full of a bunch of who I assume will be 14 year old Japanese exo fans (the tour is only offered to foreigners) and then walking around Gyeongbokgung Palace…with a broken toe. 

Just so I can go to the concert in the evening.

hi my name is mallory welcome to my life enjoy your stay

But it will be my broken toe’s last excursion.

Better to kick the fangirls with my dear


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