of nowon and suwon pt 2

We  aren’t supposed to go on any website but Langcon at work. So when they don’t yet have anything for you to do, you sit staring at the home screen a lot. A very long time.

that’s what smartphones are for!

I decided to actually read the home page and noticed that it’s a ranking page of the top Avalon/Langcon campuses. Over 100 of them. The top three stick out—with little sparkly crowns above their names, and one in particular jumped out. Number 2, as in the second best, was 장안 랭 L. (Jangan Lang L)

I didn’t know the exact name of my old campus that I’m trying to put behind me. But I knew I lived in Jangan, Suwon, and that I was a Langcon, and that according to HR it was “one of the top ranking.”

So I spent the next hour google translating, kakao messaging, and staying on websites that were at least Avalon related to confirm my thoughts. Yes. My old campus that I’m trying to disaffiliate with was (is) the #2 campus in all of Avalon franchise—Seoul, Gyeongii, Busan, everywhere. The mystery was sealed when I asked a coteacher back in Suwon what my Director’s Korean name was, because I never actually learned, and yes. I was correct.

Correct not only in that 장안 랭 is my old campus, but that we are one of the hardest worked in all of Avalon. Because we are (I was) Number 2. From the sketchy google translations, it seems that rank is determined by re-enrollment rate and test scores. Test scores are no surprise since we literally gave them the answers. And a high re-enrollment rate isn’t that surprising either seeing as we were either perfect or we were kicked out of the campus.


This solves so many mysteries. Here I was thinking that Director brought us in food 1-2x/week because she did have a heart under all that b*chness. No, actually, that was Avalon rewarding us.

The more I’m at this campus, the more I’m realizing just how worked we were. Back at that place I will never quite be able to leave, we were (they are) worked like crippled oxen. Pushed and whipped and shoved one foot in front of the other.

Today at the foreign teachers meeting, the head teacher encouraged every foreign teacher to send 3 text messages… a week…and the person who sent the most would get some kind of prize.

We had to send 5 text messages.

A day.

And that was the fun part!

The not fun part were the book reports and test grading and daily reports etc etc that as a “backup teacher” I will helping the campus in Nowon with. We will yet see how much work I will actually be doing. Will I be doing the work I used to do on top of teaching? Or do they really have so many extra teachers/students that they truly need help accomplishing everything? I guess we will find out.

I also learned that Director has picked a new victim. One of the new girls cries in the office every day and gets picked on for every little thing. It’s to the point where the teachers are suggesting she go home now instead of enduring weeks of misery.

As a “backup” teacher or substitute or whatever, one of my potential jobs is subbing in for midnight runners.

But…they wouldn’t do that to me right?

If she runs, they wouldn’t send me back for a few weeks until they hired another teacher.

Yeah they wouldn’t do that.

Would they?

FullSizeRender 7

you know you’re in korea when


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