of me 6 months ago

That awkward moment when you go out to dinner with the girl who is going to replace you.

What do you do? What do you say?

Do you warn her that she was placed at the hardest worked campus in Avalon with the least amount of employees in a sketchy part of the most dangerous city in Korea?

though still much safer than the city near me in the States

Do I tell her to never get sick because you probably won’t be allowed to go home even if the world is spinning and you’re puking in the toilet?

Do I tell her to never make a mistake because you’ll get written warnings to headquarters? Or if you do make a mistake–just lie about it like the other co-teachers?

Thankfully I didn’t have to talk much seeing as I was with my three other co-teachers and the other new teacher who is replacing HT.

She was so bright eyed and excited to be in this new country eating this new food and seeing these new things. Was I that excited?

Looking back at my old posts–I definitely was. Perhaps more so.

embarrassingly more so


oh 6 months ago Mallory. how little did you know the drama ahead of you.

But that’s okay. Honestly, I’m still excited to be here despite all of the challenges. I still fangirl over small things and look forward to weekend plans. I’m not tired of it. Yet.

The funniest part was when she mentioned how nervous she was for mock teaching.

Yes I remember that time.

I told her not to worry. It’s scary but it will be fine. She goes, “she’s not going to tell me I’m a shitty teacher right?”

aggressively tries to keep straight face

My co-teachers all look at me and laugh.

Me: “I’m sorry guys, I’m trying to stay quiet”

HT: “No Mallory, you have a right to say whatever you want.”

well obviously

I had chosen to hold back because I didn’t want to throw a blanket over the stars in their eyes and stifle their excitement. And I didn’t want to make it seem like everything is horrible because it really isn’t. Only the job can be horrible. So if that’s the only reason you’re here…well…maybe it will be horrible.

I didn’t launch into an epic retelling of Mallory’s Makjang. Instead all I said was this.

“Make sure you find other reasons to be here that make the tough parts of the job bearable. Friends, boyfriends, interests, money, whatever. And if the moment comes where the other reasons are not enough–then leave.”

And everyone nodded. And it ended up not having to be awkward after all.


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