of hope and new beginnings

That moment when your drunk director who just expelled you from her campus asks if you like exo.

Me: yep

Her: have you  been to a concert?

Me: yep

We were at an office dinner at a barbeque place nearby.

I somehow found myself between my favorite Korean teacher and Director.

because my life is a makjang

I had a lively discussion over samyupsal and rice with Jessica where I heard her life story, and then promised her to go to Hong Kong over the Chuseok vacation. She even made me pinky promise. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but now I’m not so sure.

Because by Chuseok, I’ll be far far away from this campus and trying to delete any painful memories associated with it. Although they will live immortally in this blog. I can at least smudge them.

No, I’m not quitting. And I’m not leaving the country.

Amos, the HR supervisor for foreign teachers, offered me a substitute job. I’ll be based in either Bundang, their headquarters and much closer to Seoul, or maybe even Seoul itself.

Words cannot describe how happy I am about this. There was a minute there when I thought I was going to have to live on the streets until I found another job. But no–not only am I getting out of this twisted campus, I’ll be living closer to Seoul! It has the same pay and benefits, and while a permanent campus certainly has perks, sub life will be kind of fun.

I’ll miss my kids dearly. I’ll miss watching specific students get better at English and know I had something to do with that. I’ll miss hearing “MALLORY TEACHER” from across the school and getting random hugs. I’ll miss the kids that come into the office before class to carry my basket of crap to the classroom. I’ll miss getting snacks handed to me and yes I’ll even miss some of my coteachers.

What I won’t miss is all the office drama. Stress has passed the boiling point and now we are taking it out on each other. Today our HT snapped at the nice foreign teacher and she went out crying. And then fairy princess went to comfort her and started crying too. And then HT and negative foreign teacher went out to lunch to b–ch about it and I’m just doing term test contests and turn around to realize that I’m the only one in the office.

I’ll just be here…

Honestly I fall on the fairy princess and nice teacher’s side, and it was hard to hear HT and negative teacher say mean things. I even stuck up for them with my new found boldness.

which is probably why I wasn’t invited to lunch

This is what happens what you put 8 women in a windowless office with a workload so heavy you can physically feel it weighing you down.

There’s been a sub at our campus the past few days because one of our Korean teachers was taking her vacation.

She came back today with an epidural-size hole in the back of her neck. She took her vacation days…to go to an acupuncturist. When I asked her if she felt less stressed she just shook her head.

that’s an interesting thought

When I broke the news to fairy princess that I got my pink slip, she seemed really sad and started to tear up. Which was nice because HT and negative teacher only expressed jealousy. This made me tear up and I said that who knows maybe I’ll sub at this campus sometime and she whispered, “hopefully I’ll be gone too.”

She arrived the same day I did everyone.

And it’s not just getting out of that office that is incredimazing (I made up that word). It’s that I’ll get to go to new offices every few days! I’ll see all sorts of campuses and have some kind of relationship, however cordial, with someone there.

The idea of it reminds me of one of the reasons I wanted to be a reporter in the first place. The Grind is not a good place for me. I want to have a solid place to come home to, and a firm friend base, but I also want every day to be completely different.

Anyway–my official last day is the last day of this term. August 28.

I have one more normal day, and then Saturday I’m moving apartments. “Instensives” start on Tuesday, and then Wednesday I’m going to Japan for 5 days (I don’t know why they did that I don’t ask). I come back to two more weeks of intensives which while I probably won’t enjoy–at least they’re different. And then Term Test. And then I’m out!


Jessica had to leave early to catch a bus, so now I was stuck with just Director on my right to talk to. Up close, swelled red from soju, I could see the dry patches on her skin. This woman was not okay.

“Have you told your mom about…”

Me: “yep”

“I’m going to go skype my family right now.”

I stood up, did a slight bow to everyone,  put my shoes on over my exo socks

And I left.


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