the end of a saga

I chose to write about traffic laws yesterday instead of the fan signing for many reasons.

a) It’s embarrassing

b) I didn’t think anyone would be interested

c) It’s awkward

d) No it like–ranks in the top 5 most awkward moments in my life.

But then I was going through my blog, which I do regularly to make sure all the links still work, and saw that Speed was actually a running theme. Like, they appeared in multiple posts and there was actual plot growth over time. So, this being the pinnacle of Speed interaction, I thought that I should just get over it and post.

I promise it’s the last one because it was their last event for this promotion. As a small group, they may not have a comeback for over a year.

actual tears

So quick summary. We met Speed first at Dream Concert where gave them a lot of love and they gave us a lot of fan service. Then we went to a free busking event at Coex Mall because we were in the area—why not?

And they were in heelies!

Then we decided they were officially cool so over the next few weeks I watched their reality show and listened to their music and became an official fan. Well, I considered myself to be one.

I finally conquered music core in an epic way (after being defeated twice) by getting a selca with one of the members, seeing the live recording, and then getting into the live show (where my two other favorite groups just HAPPENED to be performing as well.)

And then I showed up in a haphazard Windows Movie Maker video made by one of the members. #officialfan

Speed has had some other music show and fan events over the past couple of weeks but I’m a busy person with places to be and let’s be honest I got a selca with one of them what else is there to do.


never forget

But then, last week, I learned they were having a fan signing. In Suwon.

I needed something to look forward to after Saturday work so I was like—yes. This is most definitely happening.

And it did.

In an epic way.

Thanks to a palli palli taxi I made it to Suwon Station in 6 minutes and was in an event hall on the 6th floor of AK Plaza next to Suwon Station.

Now—this is a story that non-kpop people (most of you) will find fascinating.

So that epic day of music core I became friends with the two American girls because we were together for 7 hours. One of the girls, who I will call Unspeed (get it—Speed) actually runs a tumblr blog for one of the members and is one of those “I have a Canon with $1000 lens to take pictures of this one guy with pink hair and eyeliner.”

These girls terrify me, but are also useful and sometimes amusing in a “at least I’m not as crazy as you” kind of way.

So Unspeed girl has been Kaokaoing me about events the past few weeks and I’m like—yeah that’s awesome! Sorry I’m in Jeju! Sorry I’m in Busan!

not actually sorry at all

I think she was starting to doubt my fan-ness, but I didn’t really care what she thought.

So—I Kakaoed Unspeed and told her that I was going to the Suwon fan sign! She asked what number I was and I said 18, and she said she was 56 and I was like oh okay cool.

And then.

She was like, “do you want to switch numbers?”

is that a joke?

I blamed Silvia saying that she would be sensitive if I left her and Unspeed said that she was with her friend and we could both switch!

wait you’re serious

So then I made up random crap of how this was Silvia’s birthday gift to me blah blah blah (it was her idea).

BUT THEN. Unspeed’s friend Kakaoed me and proceeded to tell me about all of the health problems she’s had since following speed. Back and kidney issues from not taking care of herself. I literally said, “good thing Korea has cheap health care!” which she did not find amusing.

I won’t be guilt tripped.

So the day comes and Silvia gets there earlier than me (obviously) and turns out 56 is only two rows behind 18 because of the way the rows were laid out. Unspeed and friend had never really seen Silvia, so they didn’t recognize her from the back when…they started talking crap about me. Silvia heard them saying it was so stupid I wouldn’t switch in a super condescending tone and how I was so annoying etc etc etc.

But then the moment I got there Unspeed was like, “HEY MALLORY! How are you? It’s great to see you!” and we had cordial conversation.

Silvia may or may not have flipped on the inside. And when she told me about it later I was mad yes but it also made me laugh a bit. Like really? You’re going to be that fake with me?

Luckily I don’t care about your health. Let alone your opinion.

So—that just goes to show you the level of fangirling that I have not reached. I still have my dignity and have not broken any moral obligations. And I won’t.

As for the actual signing—it was a great way to end the Speed Saga.

Talking to them in English was probably one of the funniest things I’ve tried to do. They all asked the same questions—where are you from? How old are you? and then moved on to the next member.


this is how it went

My personal favorite was speaking to Silvia’s favorite one. I told them I was from New York because it’s the easiest—and then that is obviously assumed to be New York City—which makes me look a lot cooler.

So Silvia’s favorite was like, “oh! I always want to go to Times Square!” And I told him that Seoul and New York were actually very similar. And he thought about that for a moment and said, “but New York has Spiderman!” and I almost died laughing. Just—imagine this conversation with an Asian accent. I was like, “but Seoul has Avengers!” and a lightbulb went off and was like…”wow. Same.”


are you actually 12 years old

Later Unspeed was like, “what did you and Sungmin talk about for so long! He never talks!” and I laughed out loud for a good 10 seconds. I guess Unspeed girl filmed my entire way through, which was nice of her, and only complicates our love-hate relationship.


how I signed my name when I was five

Also memorable was Selca Boy. Apparently he had red eyes for some reason (he posted them on instagram that morning) so was wearing sun glasses. With the pink hair, the whole ensemble was quite ghetto. He asked how old I was and I said 24. I asked him how old he was and he looked really surprised. I guess if you’re enough of a fan to be at a fansigning, you know not only his age but also his blood type and “ideal type of girl”. To be honest, I knew he was the oldest but I didn’t know his exact age. And it just seemed like a natural response, especially when they don’t speak much English. So he said, “I’m 26” and the most embarrassing thing happened. Like—it just kind of slipped out and I’m still a little embarrassed by it to be honest. But I said, “Oppa!”

Oppa is what Korean girls call their older brothers; and their older boyfriends. Fans call older members Oppa all the time. You should have heard the 12 year old Exo fangirls screaming OPPA SARANGHAE (I love you). So it wasn’t that it was weird (there was a girl wearing a hanbok doing a deep bow on the floor to each member), but I was embarrassed none the less and he laughed too— probably just because it was so unexpected for both of us and I was like…oh dear…time to move on…


weird for everyone

So add that to the list of my most embarrassing moments.

So then the next one, who I was only so-so about, (I say that a lot these days) was like hi and I said hi and he asked if I spoke Korean in Korean. I said no (in Korean) and he looked up from his signing with a “it sounds like you do” look and I was like, “well…chokumyo” (a little) and he just looked at me and said, “yeppeun nuni issoyo” and I blushed hard core because I did know what that meant and he said in perfect English, “that means you have really pretty eyes.”


we’re kind of a thing

And I was just like…khamsamnida…time to move on.

And I didn’t even say anything to the last one because what is there to say.


how I wrote my name when I was twelve

You think my stories are hilarious, you should hear Silvia’s. One of them wrote “I love you” on the page and she meant to say, “bong bong” which means “lies” and he made these huge scary eyes and she got moved on and it wasn’t until later that she realized she probably pronounced wrong as “bo bo” which means “kiss”.


Oh, we will

She’s also a lot bolder than me because she asked her favorite one (Spiderman boy) for a hug and he actually stood up and gave her one and he told her she was pretty. So that killed her.

Anyway, we sat down freaking out and Unspeed, as number 56, was still waiting behind us. It was then that she asked what Sungmin and I talked about for so long and asked to see our cds. We were like whatever and both of them were jealous of our “P.S.” because Unspeeds friend didn’t get any and she was sensitive.


thanks for the date!

I think they probably know, like, three signs in English, so they made sure that mine and Silvia’s were different. And Unspeed and friend had been to every single event so I don’t think they put as much effort in.


well, this one was actually quite personal.

The only thing to end our Speed Saga was to obviously take the 11pm train to Seoul and tell Sylvi everything over dinner. By the time we were done with that, as well as many other conversations, it was 2am and the transportation was long shut down.

I’ll talk about the nightlife some other time but basically—Seoul actually is the city that never sleeps. Everything is open at 2am. The streetlights are on and teenagers and adults alike are just roaming around chatting or sitting on the benches or taking pictures. It’s 2am and everyone is just chilling around Sinchon it’s no big deal.

FullSizeRender 5

obligatory selca in large mirror feature at 1am

So then we went to a norabong and sang and danced for 2 hours.


norabong hair at 3am

And by this time is was 4 and public transportation starts at 5 so we went to a Burger King and I ate soft serve while Sylvi fell asleep on a bench.

I was home at 6:30am.

And that’s the end of the Speed Saga.

I hope you enjoyed it!


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