of MERS and surprises

Things have been pretty rough at school lately.

By rough I mean that I get there at 12:30pm sharp and don’t leave until between 9-10.

we stop getting paid at 8:30

It’s because Director decided that we need to do a bunch of makeup work for the MERS days. So not only do we have to stay an hour later, but the kids do too. And to top it is the lovely phone speaking. I’ve made some changes to my approach, so it is already going much smoother than last term. But still. It’s not fun.

Oh also–I have to work the next three Saturdays. I asked my kids if they were coming on Saturday and they just laughed and said no. So it may just end up being us in empty classrooms.

And Director took my break away and filled it with a class of three kids–Peter, Tony, and Hulk. You’d think a class of three would be fine but Hulk is a holy terror.

So now I actually have no lunch or bathroom or breathing breaks for the rest of the term.

But, going into the month of July, I kind of already knew this. The reason I stretched a two day weekend into a four day weekend (with all nighters) to Busan was not only because of my birthday but because I knew it would be the last time I crossed off anything from my bucket list for a while. I knew that working 9-5 every Saturday would keep me busy until the last month of July–where I’m going to Japan!

Turns out though–Korea has more surprises for me. In fact, the next three weekends are actually going to be quite epic.

Because of MERS, Speed rescheduled one of their fansignings. Guess to when? This Saturday.

Guess where?


they’re coming to freaking suwon

And guess what time?


So that’s how I ended up at Suwon Station early Tuesday morning finally buying the Speed album. The first 120 people will get in so Silvia and I were there promptly at 10am.


along with 5 other people

I signed my name, phone number, and birthday on a notepad. I’m number 18, which is ironic because that was my waiting number for Dream Concert.


I think not

Then I learned today that thanks to MERS, a musical I had really wanted to see because it has two of my favorite people had been extended. Previously I had been depressed because it only played Tuesday evenings. But guess when these showings are?


At 7:30.

In Seoul.

And guess who’s going to be there?

this girl. And my two church friends.

So with the Speed signing on the 4th, the first weekend I work, and the musical on the 18, the third Saturday I work, that only leaves the 11th where I need something fun to happen.

The funny thing is that every single one of these events have been a result of MERS.

Oh and one more thing–I decided to enter some photos into the Korea Tourist Organization’s photo contest. They’re just iPhone photos and unedited and I don’t really expect anything. But 90 Honorable Mentions get $300…so I figured it was worth a shot. Maria, who has an actual camera, entered some as well. And if either of us win anything, we decided we are spending it by going clubbing in Gangnam.

I think we stand a chance. So look forward to that.


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