of normal weekends and crazy weekends

This weekend was really strange.

For only the second Friday night since I’ve been in my apartment, I slept in my own bed.

Counting back, it was a hostel in Jeju, the cold hard ground at Digital Media City for Music Core, the cold hard ground at World Cup Stadium for Dream Concert, an all-nighter at Hongdae, and DMC again for Music Core. Other activities have included sleepovers at Silvia’s to get on early trains for festivals (my apartment is in the middle of nowhere and has no transportation running until late), sleepovers after coming home late from Shinee World IV and Exo’luxion (my bus stops running at 11pm too). I spent a weekend at a church camp, and another weekend I had guests sleeping over to visit Seoul the next day.

What I’m trying to say is that actually sleeping on a Friday night made my weekend feel like the two days that it is supposed to be, instead of the three days it feels like when you are awake for 48 hours straight.

Not only did I get to bed at a decent hour Friday night, I woke up at a decent hour Saturday morning and deep cleaned my apartment

it needed to happen

And then I did laundry

it needed to happen

I even went grocery shopping.

All of these things were unpleasant in the moment but I am enjoying the aftereffects.

especially having food within literally arms reach

Sunday was even stranger–I went to church, and I hung out with friends. That’s it that’s all I did.

I know it’s good to have weekends like this because I am an adult even though I try to deny it and therefore I need to take care of myself. But I also know that this can’t become a habit.

I’m passed the honeymoon phase, right on schedule. Director drama has made school life not fun sometimes, and without internet, my after school entertainment is pretty much me pouring through the Learn Korean textbooks I have.

which is going quite well if I do say so myself

I need things to look forward to in those moments where life is not very fun. So while the past weekend was good for my stability, it wasn’t good for my wellbeing. Which is why this weekend I am throwing myself a birthday celebration and forcing my two friends to go to Hongdae Friday night, take the morning train to Busan, spend the day on the beach relishing the sunlight while the Asians hide under umbrellas, and at midnight run around with sparklers while blasting music. 

It’s going to be great–perhaps almost as good as Jeju.

Speaking of, whenever I don’t have a picture to add to the post, I’m just going to include a waterfall/rock formation/gorgeous view of Jeju Island to remind you (and me) of all the fun that I had while everyone else was contemplating death by coronavirus.


Cheonjiyeon falls–where the Korean tourism industry built Disney’s Animal Kingdom around a natural wonder. Complete with fake animal tracks and vine covered light posts.


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