of MERS and me

There are so many things I could write posts on, which is why I haven’t written anything. I could write about this weekend, where every hour presented a story worthy of a post.

Like how Silvia got trampled Mufasa-status to get a number to see exo on Music Core.

.IMG_0133IMG_0134 IMG_0135_2

Notice the time stamps on these–she even got a bruise.

Or how I almost witnessed civil war when somehow  there ended up being two lines in the confusion, both lines claiming to be the correct one and refusing to negotiate, meaning that the next morning SM staff came to figure it out. They pitted the lines against each other and stood in the middle.


I could hear battle music in the background

Or for them to finally choose the bigger line to go first (not Silvia’s line) and once the entire line was inside the show, the leader admitted that she was the one who made the mistake.

that…is low…

Let’s just say this–it’s a good thing guns aren’t a thing in Korea, because they definitely would have been drawn in the riot that ensued.

Or how I ended up at a PC bang helping a twitter criminal on the run from SM photoshop her ticket so they wouldn’t recognize her username.

Or how I spend $20 on cabs going around Seoul looking for a printer to print my receipt, only to end up back at that PC bang.

Or how I ended up taking a selfie with one of the rookie group members I was there to see.


he copied my hair style

Or how I became friends with two foreign girls also there to see this rookie group only for them to end up being slightly terrifying as well.

Or how I got into the pre-recording and almost had my ears blown out by a super screamer.

Unfortunately MBC took down the actual performance–but this is the same concept on a different show.

Or how I literally begged my way into the live show and was squished in the back with creepy ahjussis taking illegal videos of the girl groups.

Essentially–I saw a pre-recording, met a group, and saw the live show in less than 12 hours. I am no longer a victim of music core.

But no, I won’t focus on the minute by minute play of how I finally conquered Music Core.

Instead I’m going to talk about how MERS has impacted my life here in Korea. I don’t know if it’s been in international news or not, but basically everyone and their dog here thinks they are going to die. MERS is a relative of SARS that went from camels to humans and some guy who had been in Saudi Arabia came to Korea and thought he had it but no one believed him so he went to a couple hospitals infecting everyone until he was finally diagnosed and now a bunch of people are in quarantine and schools closed and events postponed and now SEVEN people are dead. Not to undermine these deaths–death is sad. But I’d just like to clear up, every single one of these deaths were people over the age of 50, many of them with pre-existing lung conditions. There’s also cases of healthy younger people who were diagnosed with MERS and their immune system fought it off.

lymphocytes fighting!

What I’m trying to say is–don’t worry about my health. Even if I were to by some source of unfortunate luck get MERS, my lungs are healthy and I’m young and spritely. I would survive.

But MERS has still impacted my life bigtime.

It was really interesting being at Music Core during this whole thing because evidently it didn’t stop the fangirls from killing each other as I had hoped.

It also created this weird dystopian attitude as a thermometer was stuck in every single person’s ear before going in. If your temperature was high, nope not going in. The factor that you’ve been sitting in the hot sun for 5 hours has nothing to do with it nope–you definitely have MERS.

Also, if you didn’t have a face mask you weren’t allowed in. So hundreds of people were SCREAMING random things in Korean…through face masks.


MERS won’t stop us

It felt very apocalyptic like…we know we are all about to die, but we’ll watch some pretty boys in eyeliner heelie-ing around to take our mind off of it.


The middle school across from me had a MERS scare from some kid with a cough and all the public schools in my area are closed down for the week. Some even two weeks. With no kids coming, Avalon isn’t going to pay us to sit around, so we aren’t teaching for the rest of the week either.

“Mallory that’s awesome! No school!”

No it isn’t awesome. Because parents paid for these days, it’s not like public school where you can just skip material and start off anywhere. We have to make up those days, meaning I’m going to be working three Saturdays in July. Also, I’m likely losing some of my Avalon-chosen vacation days at the end of July. The one where I was planning on going to Japan.


It especially sucks because it’s not like EVERYONE in Avalon now has this week off instead of July. No, it’s pretty much just Suwon. And not just Suwon. My hagwan in Suwon. 

So I have to treat the next few days as if it were my vacation, but I don’t really have anyone to go with, and the whole situation is just sad.

In the meantime, I have to spend Tuesday at work calling my students asking them how many times they washed their hands today. That’s not a joke–I’m asking 10-year-olds to repeat after me “I will wash my hands three times a day.”

And of course, I didn’t find any of this out until 10 minutes before leaving last night, meaning all plans are on the table. I may be flying to the Philippines or Jeju Island tomorrow or I may be going to music shows all week because what else is there to do besides sit in my decrepit apartment without internet by myself.

Which is why I’m writing this off really fast and without sense right now sorry. But I think the next post will have even more events than this one.


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