of mers and music core

I asked one of my students what he was going to do for the next two weeks thanks to a MERS induced cancellation and he said, “stay inside.”

That was not my plan however. My hagwon was canceled for two days . Don’t be too jealous of me though. It’s not a snow day. Even though there will be no students for the rest of the week, Director is splitting the teachers so that half of us come today and the other half tomorrow. What will we be doing for 8 hours?

But I’d rather be there than not be there because it’s not like it’s free. We have to come in on July 4, a Saturday, to make up for the missed day. I’m not sure who is going to send their kids to hagwon on a Saturday but I guess we’ll find out.

It’s not the teachers or the students who in danger of dying–but many of these kids either live with their grandparents or have baby siblings at home. And those are the age groups that are in trouble. So I’m not worried for my kids or myself. But I still think it was a good idea to cancel.

Apparently nobody told the Seoulites to stay inside because there were just as many soju-smelling ahjussis and permed ahjummas and flirting college students on the subways today as always.

However, there were more masks than usual. I find this hilarious because of oxygen molecules can get through a mask…a virus 1/1000 the size can…

whatever makes you feel better

And yesterday the TA came in every class and drenched me and the kids with hand sanitizer. It’s a nice thought–but hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs…

and 0% of airborne corona viruses

But I wasn’t complaining about my kids being sanitized. The less poop and pee and boogers on my sticky ball the better.

And it was nice to have a rest day since I spend 5 days at school with crazy asian children and two days sleeping out on the ground or dancing in Hongdae or eating fried chicken till my stomach hurts.

And this weekend will be similar. Silvia has tomorrow off, so she’s going to music core in the morning and lining up for EXO for Music Core. That’s right everyone. We are trying again.

I’m going as a Speed fan because I stan them now. There’s absolutely no logical reason for me to spend the night because their fandom is small. But I enjoy the anticipation, plus Silvia will be all alone. Well with hundreds of other fangurls. But you know what I mean.

So yes I went into Seoul today and then I came back to Suwon and rested and cleaned my apartment and have been in this coffee shop internetting for hours.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.52.09 AM

but apparently not watching any dramas

just hoping that the fangurls’ parents will force them to stay inside so I can get into Music Core.


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