of rookies and mers

This term will be…interesting.

Two of my classes I walked in to a chorus of MALLORY TEACHER!

I have never posted a more accurate gif

The other 12 I walked into a room of blank stares judging my validity as a teacher.

aka how much they can mess with me

In other news, I remembered I never wrote about what I did this weekend—and it was pretty epic. As always.

In essence, we decided we are going to stan rookie groups. We got personal fan service from two of the most popular groups in Korea.

veni vidi vici

Just kidding I’m not over it, and I never will be.

BUT, we saw some rookie groups at Dream Concert that were particularly awesome.

For example, Speed loved us, and we loved them because their entire choreography is on Heelies! That’s right those shoes with the wheels in them that were popular like 10 years ago. It was nostalgic and impressive.

So we came home to learn that they were having a comeback very shortly—meaning videos and albums and fan signings and concerts and music shows.

what a happy coincidence

We obviously have to go to these since we stan Speed now.

And that’s how I ended up at Coex Mall Saturday afternoon as part of an exclusive group of about 100 people watching Speed perform their comeback song live—for free! And I only got there 15 minutes before!


no zoom!

Most of the girls there had GIANT cameras with thick lenses to get pictures of the boys’ pores for their fan tumblrs. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate these tumblr accounts otherwise I couldn’t know about the events, but it also makes for a pretty boring crowd.

I don’t know, if I was a performer I would want my fans jumping up and down and jamming and clapping, not hiding behind a lens.

Which is why Silvia and I got some more fan service from them. Now we weren’t going crazy, probably like 25% maybe 30% on the jam scale, but it was enough to embarrass Maria and stick out from the I hate my life crowd. It also helped that we threw some hearts and waves.

and whatever is given is returned

At the end we went down to the back to get some more fan service because we can and they were extremely surprised to see us there and we waved and one of them even stopped and came over and said “nice to meet you here” which was freaking adorable.


we’re not creepy no

I haven’t stanned them long enough to know all of their names which is embarrassing, especially since we appeared to love them a lot, and I don’t have much time! Because guess who is performing on Music Core this Saturday?


And you know who is determined to conquer Music Core?

This girl.

It just so happens that Exo is making a comeback on this show, and Shinee is still promoting, so it just to happens that we may or may not see them on the show as well.

Okay, who’s gonna tell them the yankees aren’t a football team?

We could never get in as their fans…we’ve tried…but I’m a true speed fan now. I even bought their album!

So that’s what I’ll be doing this Saturday. Stay tuned for Mallory finally getting into freaking Music Core.

Oh and also—while we were getting fanservice from Speed we noticed a pile of signed CDs from Eunjong—a singer from T-ara who’s promoting for her solo album. Maria is a huge fan so she asked the sound guy if they were available to buy one. He went away for a minute and came back saying no and we were like…sigh okay…but then a lady appeared, picked them up, and gave one to each of us. Just handed them over.


well thank you!

And that’s how I got my first signed cd for free.

In other news, I’m sure I will get terrified messages from parents and grandparents shortly, but yes MERS paranoia runs rampant through Langcon. I knew something was up when Desk teacher came in my first class, and every class thereafter, and sprayed everyone with hand sanitizer, and when even more people were wearing face masks than usual, including some of my students.

And then throughout out the day, less and less kids were there. Kevin didn’t return for Speakup because apparently his mom came to pick him up. And my very last class only had one student (ironically the very sweet and smart sister of an extremely annoying and not so fast student).

Rumor on the street says that some public schools, and even some Avalon hagwons, are going to close for a few days but no one knows for sure. MERS day would be like a snow day back home—awesome in the moment but  sucky later when you have to make up for it. We will have to either work Saturdays or get a dock in our paycheck. So actually it’s much worse than snow days because there are no snowflakes drifting in the wind, but a vicious virus.

It’s like SARS and Ebola and Swine Flu. If you’re a baby or over 60 you should be concerned. Don’t worry Mom I’ll sanitize frequently and won’t exchange saliva with anyone with a hacking cough.

It really sucks though because now kids are missing school, which means we will have to do makeup classes, which are the worst.

So really MERS is nothing like a snow day because there are literally no pluses.

Also—in the ongoing case of Avalon vs Director Jane, I will get out of my apartment in 3 months max. Hopefully sooner.

Wow a lot of updates. I really need to write every day.


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