of recovery and lattes

“Long time no see” says coffee shop girl. She has an eyepatch. When did she get that? What happened? WHAT DID I MISS?

Indeed it has been a long time. Approximately a month I think, since I’ve been to my favorite place and ordered a choco banana latte and stayed until 11:40 scrambling to finish a blog entry. But don’t worry everyone, I’m back.

More fancams are appearing by the hour and they have to be watched. And I used up all my data. So I’m watching them in public now with zero shame.

2:25-2:35 was specifically mine don’t try to convince me otherwise.

A heart from Baro at 0:33

Silvia’s heart to Taemin (purple hair) and his embarrassed point and Maria laughing at 2:13

L’s sarcastic peace signs at 0:29

And so many more.

On our way home from Dream Concert, we discussed our tea field plans which would start in literally hours. We would have to take the 8am train, which was 3 hours long, and we didn’t have any planned place to sleep so we figured we’d just find one when we got there.

But, after our transportation to Gangnam, Silvia and I still had a 2 hour bus to Suwon. And then we were up till 3:30 watching fancams. We mutually decided that no…Sunday needed to be a day of rest. Actually, I didn’t even know what day it was, all I knew was that I needed some sleep.

So instead we just decided to meet up sometime and do something later. That ended up being the the zoo in Seoul Grand Park.It was about as much as you could expect from a public zoo. A lot of sleeping animals, strange exhibits, and “encounters” that were out of commission. But let’s be honest, we weren’t there to see animals as much as to relive the events of the day before.

“Hey look at that sleeping tiger hey remember when Suho sent us hearts oh wait there’s a llama”


even the seal gave us fan service

That night we went to dinner with the kpop girl we met on the infamous Cherry Blossom trip. She said she saw us on the big screen as well, and that’s how she knew we there.

Also this guy I met on the train decided he wanted to come to dinner which was funny. He was here on vacation and he left today. So it was a motley crew at BBQ that night.

Monday turned out to be just as slow. As part of my concept to upgrade my life, I bought a hair dryer and straigtener with Korean plugs from e-mart with my Shinsaegae gift card. E-Mart is a glorious place because it had an entire aisle of my favorite food.

literally me

Followed by fried chicken and watching more fancams, it was a glorious Buddha’s birthday.

This is the last week of the term, and I want to do a post of my Favorite Spring Moments. Maybe I’ll do that Friday.

But for now I’m going to search for fancams on the korean search engine until this shop closes.


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