of Dream Concert 2015 and fanservice

Dream Concert was worth it. It was worth every won spent. It was worth every hour shivering in the darkness overnight on hard concrete and baking in the sun the next day. It was worth every minute I had to hear this annoying fangirl tell us how she was going to marry Jimin from BTS because she frequents his parent’s coffee shop and how he almost touched her hand once.

that’s an interesting thought

It was worth only eating pringles and snickers bars for 48 hours, and yes, even worth the power struggle with a tiny 14 year old Japanese girl when she tried to convince the security guy that I was hurting her, when when SHE was the one jabbing me in the kidneys and I was very much there first.

I’ve been here for 18 hours homegurl

After literally 3 hours of hip on hip shoving, she put away her giant lens and sat on the ground, in the front of the standing section, because she wasn’t interested in any of the other groups.

Which is what made Silvia, Maria, and I so fun. While we may have only been there for three groups (Shinee, Exo, and Tara) we cheered for the other 19 as if we were their number one fans. We yelled out their names and danced as much as we could without killing anyone and yelled FIGHTING.

Which is why we also received an incredible amount of fanservice. For those who don’t know, fanservice is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when group members wave, smile, blow kisses, make hearts, do thumbs up, etc not in their choreography to specific fans. It’s just a fun way to say, “I don’t know you, but you know me! Hi!”

At some point during our previous 18 hour wait, we pulled out the program and decided which person we wanted fanservice from in each group. Our success rate was 99%—we only missed one despite how hard we tried—but he is infamous for being the absolute worst at fanservice.

maybe next time kai

But every single group we got SOMEONE. A sarcastic wave from Hoya, a reluctant wave from L, adorable smiles and waves from all the girl groups, a smirk from Ravi, hearts from Suho and a whole bunch of love from Topp Dogg.

Including chances that thousands of fangirls would actually kill for. No hundreds of thousands. Would murder in cold blood for.

Specifically, when Park Chan freaking Yeol. (freaking added.) Don’t believe me? Skip to 3:25.

Take that Music Core. Take that Exo. TAKE THAT.

Now, you think Mallory they weren’t doing that just for you three, you’re surrounded by dozens of girls in a confined area so they’re doing it for everyone. I felt this way too until after the concert when we trying to find our “transportation to Gangnam” (a coach bus) and the girls behind us were like, “hey you were the girls we saw on the big screen a lot”

And then coming home to watch videos later…

Let’s just say we were on Chinese live broadcast a lot that night. Skip to 4:47.

They caught me at my least amused part, but trust me everyone, I was jamming.

And watching fancams, yes there were many girls in that area, but groups won’t do fanservice if they don’t feel welcomed. And we beckoned them.

And plus—you know eye contact when you receive it.

After 4 and a half hours of screaming and waving at people I did know and just as loudly at people I didn’t know, Shinee came on as the finale. This was the one we had been preparing for. Could we get fanservice from the arguably the most loved boy group in Korea?

Oh you bet we can. Don’t believe me?

Praise the gods some random fangirl not as lucky as us took a video of Shinee giving us fan service. It also gives you an idea of just our general, omnipotent presence.

0:05 seconds Maria, Silvia, and I appear out of the darkness

0:30 Maria jamming

1:02 My favorite one turns around and we go crazy and he waves

Mission accomplished right? No it gets better. You may have to watch this a couple of times to truly understand.

2:10 everyone turns around. I wave to my favorite one and he waves back obviously.

2:14 Silvia makes a heart to her favorite one, with the purple hair

2:15 Purple hair points to us

2:19 I’m screaming KIM KIBUM, the one in the jersey, because he’s fabulous, and he gives a smile.

2:21 My favorite one turns to see how we’re doing

2:23 I’m like oh hey favorite one how are you and he’s gives a wave like I’m fine how are you.

We got fanservice from Shinee ladies and gentlemen there is literally nothing we can’t do.

Maria took these amazing pictures. Here’s her blog about Korea you should go check it out.

Onew's fan service

Onew’s version fan service



At the end everyone ran on stage again and confetti popped out and it was a little awkward because the rookie groups we’d cheered so loudly for at the beginning were like, ‘hey guys we’re back!!’ but we only had eyes for Exo and Shinee now…sorry guys.


But wait. There is one itsy bitsy teensy weensy detail I forgot to mention that is actually extremely important.

Back to when we were outside the stadium baking in the sun for 2 hours listening to BTS girl for the 108th time, I decided I needed to go to the bathroom because I wouldn’t be able to when we got in. And this concert was 4 1/2 hours long.

So I go to the security guy and he shows me the general direction of the bathroom. I figure it’s under the stadium where the snack booths are, but there’s a massive gate between us and that part, so I figured I just keep walking until I found an entrance right? About 30 seconds into my journey BTS girl’s slightly less annoying friend comes up to me and goes “are you looking for the bathroom?” and I’m like, “yeah” and she says “I need to too.” So we head off.

After about 2 minutes of walking around the corner I see some cars and a ticket booth up ahead. I figure that must be it. So as we’re approaching the booth, a nice black car pulls up towards us and a boy gets out of the car with a white shirt, red suit, and spiky hair.

Wait. Is that.

Mark Tuan?

And then another one in a red shirt and slick back hair.

Wait is that…


And then another one with shaggy blond hair.

Wait is that…


It’s not like I could stop walking and fangirl when Got7 walks by the other direction literally 12 inches to your right so I just did what I do to every other asian these days, a slight boy and “annyeonghaseyo,” Jackson did one too and smiled and looked at the ground and then they were passed us/we were passed them.

And then we realized.

We were surrounded by fancy black cars.

Oh dear.

 I don’t think the bathroom is this way…

We walked a little farther looking extremely confused and I realized that slightly less annoying girl and I were clutching hands super tight and then a security guard saw us and I was like… “hwajongsil odieyo?” and he suddenly looked extremely concerned and pointed us to turn around.

But it wasn’t until we looked at him that he said anything at all. I mean, I guess we looked pretty official. I was in my shinee dress and had my vip pin on and my rockstar glasses on my head. Slightly less annoying girl was in a black miniskirt and red shirt and suspenders with the same pin. So…disguises?

AND THEN…a silver car pulled out of its space in front of us and the window was down and guess who is chilling in it. D freaking O (freaking added). We both kind of stop like…oh…my…and I turn to her and whisper, “just act like we’re supposed to be here that’s all we can do” and I pull down my circle white rockstar glasses I bought in Hongdae last weekend and strutted out of there. We waited till we turned the corner to hold hands again and scream and cry our way back to line where 200 girls saw us freaking out and telling all our friends that we just had a Disney Channel Original Movie experience.

That is the 100% true story everyone of how I wandered backstage looking for the bathroom and ran into Got7.

So can cross “see a kpop star in real life” off of my bucket list?

I spent all Sunday night watching fancams. So many that my monthly portable wifi is all used up so now I’m back to writing in coffee shops.

And now I’m sitting here as the shop is about to close and I’m thinking…

Dream Concert 2016?


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