of parents and children

As Parent Teacher Conferences FINALLY come to an end, I’d like to share my favorite parts.

I don’t know if I mentioned that these were happening with all the Director drama and Shinee reappearing.

Basically the Korean teachers had to schedule a 20 minute meeting with every single parent. The foreign teacher’s job was to show up looking nice, smile, and speak English for 3 minutes answering questions like, “how can student A improve?” and Korean teacher would then translate.

So it really wasn’t hard, it just meant that I was scared to go to the bathroom or get something to eat because the parents were always late or early and I could be needed at any moment.

The great thing about these conferences though is that many moms brought gifts for everyone. Donuts, sweet breads, juices, candies, etc etc. It was their way of showing gratitude for the teachers. So our office was basically a confectionary for the past week.

sometimes I love this country

And it was also nice because despite the tough times I’ve had with the organizational aspects, I’ve only heard good things from the parents.

Today Rosa’s mom told me that Rosa (one of my ladies) is very busy and sometimes just wants to quit all of her academies. When mother said “okay you don’t have to go to Langcon today” Rosa said “No! I love Langcon! I love my class!”

and I love you in my class too!

Then Albert’s, the Gu Jun Pyo kid in my homicidal class, mother came in. I’ve been wanting to meet her ever since he told me that she curls his hair every morning. She is definitely stylish she had fake nails with silver glitter tips, a large gold necklace with her name in cursive studded with diamonds, and an MCM bag–not your average omma. She was very nice and said that Albert loved my class. She said he looks forward to coming every Tuesday and that he is sad when he has to leave early for skating. I’m a little surprised at this, seeing as I spend half of the class telling him to be quiet, but I actually really do like him. Like today he and Proper Chris came running in late with their hair all over the place with 7 bags of chips. They had run down to the grocery store during break and bought a snack for everyone.

you’re allowed to be late as long as you’re bringing me food

I think the hardest part was talking to Aiden’s mom. When asked, “how is Aiden in class” I want to say, “well he incredibly smart and if he had the right help he would be a top student” but instead I say, “he’s…a little distracted by…everything.”

but what can you do

That’s about it for today. I think I’ll go clean out the sitting water in my bathroom now because it’s pretty gross and I was hoping it would evaporate but it’s not. As long as I’m listening to the new album it will be fine.

Also, because I want a picture, here is the new summer snack that’s al the rage around here. Your flavor of ice cream + your flavor of popcorn.

something I never knew I needed

something I never knew I needed


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