of shinee and optimism

Dorothy 1: “Mallory Teacher is so happy today!”

Harry: “Yes happy Mallory Teacher!”

Rest of class “yes yes yes”

When I went through their names to ask their feelings they all said, “Mallory Teacher happy!”

is it that obvious?

It’s been three days and I’m still in this stupor. Did I really get into Shinee World IV? I did right? Yes. Yes I think so. I remember but I don’t. No I definitely did.


proof that I was there

I remember some things. Like the scalper ahjussi’s charging the same price they did for the Exo’Luxion, but us having even better seats.


they were right there. right there.

I remember sitting next to high school girls and they were like, “how old are you?” and I was like, “I’m an English Teacher” and then I gave them my extra rice cakes.

I remember there being an actual program because they were filming this concert for the actual film that will come out later.

I remember FREAKING OUT when the program said they were performing Colorful. Colorful is a B side track and not generally played because they have so many hits. But not only were they going to sing Colorful, I was supposed to hold up the mysterious piece of purple paper on my chair at a certain moment during the song. Each section had a different color and Shinee didn’t know about it.

When they came out individually on moving platforms and started singing, each section held up their color and it was this beautiful rainbow of happiness and they were so happy and I was so happy.

You don’t understand–Colorful is my jamI listen to this stupid song whenever I’m sad which means I listened to it approximately 53354 times last week. So listening to them sing it live with this transcendental experience. But then.

The platforms stop during the last chorus and they start magically moving up the stairs I don’t even know how. And guess who stopped at my section. My favorite one.


He was literally 30 feet away. Singing my jam. Do you see that stage picture? Do you see those stairs. He was on those stairs right there. Right next to us.

I remember my favorite one, who is the prettiest one (in my opinion) but also the shyest, being on top of the tallest stage when all of the sudden he ripped his shirt off and dancing around. Which never happens. Ever.

I remember the high school girl literally hugged me when they sang Jojo, another B side track and I was like, girl, I understand.

I remember they sang a bunch of their Japanese songs like Your Number. and Picasso and Lucky Star ..in Korean. I was extremely happy about this because as much as I love their Japanese songs, HOW MANY LANGUAGES DO I HAVE TO LEARN???

can I get your…number?

I remember the program had lyrics to Hana which the entire stadium sang to them right before the encore.

Oh yeah–and all of their NEW songs. Their new album dropped today and my ears are just not the same after hearing View.

Warning: do not listen to this song if you don’t want a chorus stuck in your head for the rest of the day

The other 3 and 1/2 hours are kind of a blur. Yes–3 1/2 hours. They sang and danced for 3 1/2 hours. They took short talking breaks while other members did costume changes but other than that it was song after song. I was tired just standing there watching them.

I remember at the end real live glitter cannons went off raining happiness on the stadium.

Shinee literally is sparkles and rainbows.

So it makes sense, 72 hours later, I’m still walking in the clouds.

The fact that I came home and my washing machine room is flooded with a centimeter of water from a mysterious source and will start breeding bacteria if I don’t manually scoop it out with a cup soon?


That my hot water is gone again so I’m back to cold showers?


That my pretty yellow roses fell off the window ledge and now my floor is covered with petals, peat, and glass?


That the main desk cleared off the computers this weekend and now I don’t know where any of my folders are?


That there is a weird smell coming from my sink and I cleaned out everything and it’s definitely not rotten food so I don’t know where it’s coming from?


And then, every once in a while, I remember that Dream Concert is this weekend and I have to stop thinking about it because I lose focus in the middle of a sentence.

All of the drama of the last two weeks is okay now because of this pretty ocean.


Yes children, I am happy today. And I think I will be tomorrow too.


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