of formal complaints and roses

It’s easy for me to remember my Korea anniversaries because I landed on Valentine’s Day, the 14th, and every month Korea celebrates some kind of love event on the 14th.

March 14th is White Day. While I didn’t get any chocolates, 10 boys gave me something better.

but even since this most recent picture, now there are only 9 of them oh my gosh that’s so sad

April 14th is Black Day, where the singles all eat jajangmyeon and cry.

I chose to ignore this holiday

May 14th is Rose Day, where apparently couples exchange roses. Sohee and Jessica Teacher came in with roses so I guess it’s an actual thing.

My Rose Day (yesterday) was celebrated not by a boyfriend giving me a rose, but by Director giving me a formal Avalon paper with bullet points of what I had done wrong and a place for my signature and date. I had to sign and date it.

that’s another level of cruel

I think this is standard for anyone who gets formally in trouble. I wouldn’t really know. But I guess it’s equivalent to admitting that you committed the crime and that you know you are getting written up and what for.

Now did I lose two tests and ‘not follow directions’?


Do I think this punishment is appropriate to the crime?


I know of a girl who slapped a child across the face a few weeks ago and got nothing but a verbal warning from her Director.

But it was the end of the day, it was already late, and I didn’t feel like arguing.

Instead I signed my name really big and pretty overtaking the line, John Hancock status. And at the end of my name I attached a cursive question mark. I really did. She didn’t notice it but I’m hoping whoever the English speaker who sees this at Avalon will see that I disagree with this statement and that, while I’ll make sure it won’t happen again…., I don’t actually feel bad about it.

So I had a sucky Rose Day.

BUT, May 15, today, is Teacher’s Day! And I think Asian cultures respect teachers more than non-Asian cultures. At least comparing my own experience as a child with my experience here.

Because I did pretty well.


From left to right three carnation pens (because who doesn’t need that?), hand lotion from japan, “handmade” blue stuff that I think I’m supposed to put in tea, a reusable starbucks cup, a doll pen that one of my lady’s moms made, and a glass mason jar from Avalon Langcon (because who doesn’t need that?)

The mason jar came in a cardboard box with Langcon stamped on it just in case you weren’t sure who is was from. They were left on every teachers desk along with a wrapped spicy chicken burger and a note from Director.


I think this may be the most undermining compliment anyone who ever lived has ever received.

And in the back, there are some real live yellow roses from Dorothy 1. So I guess, in the end, I did get roses.

They were just a day late.


One response to “of formal complaints and roses

  1. Mallory – your writing is brilliant. This should be required reading for any one embarking on the “Korea Experience.” Thanks for letting us share the ride with you.


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