of directors and sparkles

I’m getting mixed messages from Director.

On the one hand she doesn’t trust me.

She called me in for a meeting and tells me she’s writing me up for three reasons:

1. Losing the two tests. Eric’s test was found in his backpack. Sandy retook it in 10 minutes. Seeing as we tell them all the answers so they get a good score anyway, it’s not even a test. But this is a business so who cares if they actually learn anything? But anyway.

2. Leaving my class. I left once to get extra paper.

3. Not following her instructions. And by this she means not being prepared her way. This instance is complicated, but basically if I see something being done in a silly or inefficient way I reorganize it and make it work for me. This wasn’t me shaking the foundation of Avalon it was literally me separating my own tests into different folders and labeling them so as not to mix them up. But it wasn’t in her folders so it was obviously wrong.

I told her, again, that I was deeply sorry and that there were many things I was going to do differently next term. Now that I know, I won’t make these mistakes again. She said that next term was similar in layout to this one, so she thinks I’ll be okay, but she still is going to file a report. What’s the point in that? So I’ll always remember how I screwed up my very first term in Korea? So Avalon will always know I messed up my very first term test?

I hate the way you choose to be

On the other hand she trusts me to write a new curriculum.

Basically I have to write up mock lessons for the highest level classes–the ones no one has even taught yet. She says she’s doing this because I’m a “good writer it is my strength”. She knows this because she’s had me write up other things (without so much as a thank you by the way).

So it’s like she’s saying, “Okay Mallory, you’re allowed to be creative about this extremely important thing, but not about about this silly thing.”

Then as I’m leaving, she says “Mallory I want you to know that when I talk to you, I like you as a person.”

Why do I always get stuck with the crazies? Why.

I used to, as in last week, care about this a lot but now I’ve kind of reached this point of incredulity. Like, her constant scolding has made me only care about her opinion less which is I think the opposite of what she wanted.

Actually everyone, including the Korean teachers, are starting to question her sanity. After leaving at 9pm on Monday, she just didn’t show up to work on Tuesday. No explanation. No warning. She just sent a cryptic memo to Jessica at 8pm yesterday with random words that didn’t even make sense in Korean and everyone in the office laughed about it.

Other updates:

-As part of this whole “get my crap together and stop making mistakes” concept, I finally bought a planner, sticky notes, paper clips, and color coded pens. I’ve been putting it off till I got expendable cash. And look where that got me.

IMG_2914 2

isn’t it cute


and I’ve only filled in half of the things I need to do this week. I got distracted by the weekend…

-Director asked HT to work on the 23rd. So I won’t have to fight anyone to get to Dream Concert. Crisis averted.

-Not only is Dream Concert next Saturday, but Shinee is releasing a new album on Monday. There are new trailers and teaser photos every morning that give me a boost for the day.

featuring foreign fangurls who drug and kidnap them to have a party in the forest. not a joke.

And then as I’ve mentioned, this Saturday we’re scalping tickets to their concert.

So that’s like what if Christmas happened three times in 7 days and on each one you got exactly what you asked for. And things you didn’t ask for because you didn’t think it would possible to get them–but you did.

a shinee firework exploded raining down sparkles and happiness

So really it’s just a crazy rollercoaster ride over here in Korea thanks for riding have a nice day.


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