of kimchi and eggs

I apologize for not updating much this week. Things haven’t been going too well at school and result in Director scolding me for something in front of the entire office on a daily basis. But I really don’t want this to become a place where I rant and contribute to the negativity on the internet.

So instead–here’s a post that’s a long time coming.

This is where I live.


you should see it on a Saturday

Basically I walk out of my apartment into a alley, turn the corner, and walk to the main street…a traditional market. It’s one-way street with a mixture of ahjummas selling fried chicken and hodduk, ahjussis selling overpriced fruit and yellow squash, and family restaurants.


this is where I buy my korean pizza


this is where I buy my oversized blankets


this is where I buy a giant carton of eggs


this is where I buy…actually…I don’t know what these are…


this is where I buy my kimchi


this is where I buy my strawberries


this is where I buy my bananas


this is where I buy my grapes

Not pictured: where I buy my giant raw fish, where I buy my woven baskets, where I buy my no marshmallow rice krispie treats (ew) and the 6 convenience stores I rotate visiting so the same ahjussis don’t realize how much ice cream I eat.

I plan to take more pictures when I have a little more time and have fully overcome the creepiness factor. Which will probably be very soon.


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