of 4DX and Seoul

A couple of summers ago my Aunt won the Wicked lottery, which got two free front row (as in row 1) tickets to see Wicked on Broadway. She graciously gave them to my friend and I, and we had the Broadway experience of a lifetime. We saw the spit flying out of their mouths, the tears rolling down Elfaba and Glinda’s faces as they sang the friend song, the evil monkeys swang to our left and right but most importantly, the very attractive Fiyero was very very close.

The only downside to these three hours is that it essentially ruined Broadway shows for me. Every show I attend since then is just a weak comparison to that one. Every show, I just think about what it would be like to sit in the front row. I do not regret this once in a life time experience AT ALL, but I do wish I could stop these feelings and appreciate the fact that I am watching a Broadway show to begin with.

Watching a movie in 4DX was kind of like that. I don’t know that I will ever be content watching a movie in 2D ever again. 2D is just so weak and boring in comparison, I may as well be watching it on my laptop in my bed.

I had read about 4DX movies while researching movies back home and promptly added watching one to my bucket list, mostly curious about how Koreans define “4D” (wormhole? teleportation? future visions?). I didn’t watch the trailers or google the movie at all, but seeing as I enjoyed the first Avengers (aka Chris Evans) and it was solid action, I figured it would be a good choice. So what was it like?

The answer: 4DX is 2 hours of California Soarin’. There was a warning that people with back problems and pregnant women should avoid this ride, and even a height restriction.

and for once you are encouraged to finish your food before the movie

It looked like a regular theater until I went to sit down and realized that the chair resembled a massage chair and was a foot off the ground. I climbed in and for the next two hours I was assaulted with puffs of air on my face and back of my head whenever someone dodged a bullet. I was rocked back and forth and up and down when Black Widow tilted around on her motor bike. Whenever someone was shot and fell to the ground, I was punched in the back by level five massage arms. And when they went to Hawkeye’s safehouse, a burst of mist smelling like grass squirted into my nostrils. My 3D glasses prevented things from directly hitting my eyes.

but I still jumped every time

It was very stressful and exciting which is basically the two words that describe my life as a whole right now.

But–everything changed when the Avengers started battling Ultron…in Seoul.

I’m not sure how I missed this tiny detail. My friend said that a part of the movie was filmed near her school, but I figured it was a random city shot used for a battle elsewhere. I never considered that Ultron was actually destroying Seoul.

During that 15 minute battle scene I forgot that I I was wearing glasses and being thrown all over the place, and just about started crying.


how will I get to gangnam from myeongdong????


I still need to see it at night!


where will shinee and exo practice???

But the most stunning part was when there was a flash of the creepy blue man group statue. My heart may or may not have stopped.

Not the MBC building!



I would venture to say that no one else in that theater (besides Silvia) has the emotional attachment to Digital Media City that I do. I sat at the base of that freaking creepy statue for 8 hours. I WATCHED THE SUN RISE OVER IT.

in their (our) natural habitat

remember when this happened?

You can see a flash of it in this trailer:

Now maybe if I had done even just a tad of research beforehand, I wouldn’t be quite so stunned but I just didn’t see it coming. I was NOT emotionally prepared to watch an artificial intelligence wreck this place.

People from LA and New York and Chicago and San Francisco probably feel this way all the time. I’ve visited every single one of these cities–been on the roof of the Empire State Building, pretended to wash the Sears Tower’s windows, ridden a San Francisco cable car, and taken a picture at the Hollywood sign. But those were just visits and those were just movies. It’s fine.

It was then I realized just how much I love this city. It was like watching my tiny hometown, or yes, even my lovely college town, being bombed.

I’ve gone into Seoul every weekend. I literally do not think there has been a weekend in these past 2 1/2 months that I haven’t gone in and done something. While my apartment may be 20 miles south, almost all of my favorite memories have been made in Seoul proper.

However, I was comforted when the subway scene was completely wrong. It was then I realized that no, this was not real. Seeing as I’ve ridden just about every subway in Seoul I was wrenched back into reality seeing that Ultron must have been destroying some other subway because the seating was completely inaccurate and there were not nearly enough ajhummas.

IMG_1924So while 4DX was impressive and I may never be able to watch a movie in a theater again, it is the Seoul part that I will always remember.

Now–time to leave for the station. I’m going into Seoul today.


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