of homeplus and happiness

As phone speaking FINALLY ends, I’d like to share my personal favorite phone conversations I’ve had the past three weeks.


Me: Joey, where is your favorite place to go in town?

Joey: Homeplus (Walmart)

Me: *covers phone piece and laughs hysterically* Why is that Joey?

Joey: Because I like the food court

excellent choice Joey


Me: Lewis, do you have your phone speaking paper?

Lewis: Yes

Me: Okay…are you ready then?

Lewis: No

Me: Can…you get it out for me?

Lewis: I don’t want to. It’s in the car.

Me: So you want to do this without the paper?

Lewis: I do not want to do phone speaking teacher.

Me: Should I call back later?

Lewis: No. No call back later. Bye bye.



Me: Okay Angel, name as many body parts as you can.

Angel: Answers will vary.

Me: No Angel, don’t  read the paper, name some body parts.

Angel: *nervous laugh* Answers will vary.

Me: Okay…Angel what is your favorite place in town?

Angel: Answers will vary.

Proper Chris:

Me: Hello Chris! How are you tonight?

Chris: I am well Teacher.  How are you?

Me: *amazed that someone asks how I am.* Well, I’m great Chris thank you!

*goes on with phone speaking questions*

Me: Well that’s the end Chris great job! I will see you tomorrow right?

Chris: Thank you Teacher. Have a good night and sleep well.


Mr E.:

Exasperated Me: Eric, what are some differences between boys and girls?

can you believe this was actually a question?

Mr. E: You know the differe–


Mr. E: Well girls usually have long hair and like to play with girls. And boys have short hair and like to play with boys. But also–

Me: Okay thank you Eric good night!

Because I want a picture with this post, here is an example of the assignments I grade frequently.



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