of kids and balloons

I have a very distinct memory of riding in our purple mini van and asking my mom, “Mom, we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, why don’t we have Kid’s Day?”

To which she responded, “Mallory, every day is Kid’s Day.”

then why don’t I get a card every day?

In Korea however, there is a designated holiday set aside–May 5 is a national holiday “Children’s Day.”

I guess in a country where kids are pushed to work as hard as adults, they do deserve it.

We are putting on Children’s Day parties twice–once for the M/W/F kids and once for the T/Th.

I had Avalon training in the morning, which was actually informational and they fed us surprisingly good burgers, but we got to work an hour later than usual.

Two of the foreign teachers had organized some activities for the day, plus Director had some ideas, and then HQ decided to get involved. So I got to work and was handed a giant paper map of the world cut into puzzle pieces, African masks to color, fabric to dress a kid up in a sari, and long deflated balloons.

When I was younger I’d always ask for some kind of craft for christmas. I loved those Michael’s kits that teach you how to boondoggle or weave or doodle. Basically all of my skills come from these kits.

One Christmas I got a balloon animal book. It didn’t go very well seeing as the provided balloons were cheap and I was 10 and terrified of balloons.

still am a bit actually

I should have put more effort into that book, because one day it would come in handy. And that day was today.

Here guys. Here are some balloons. Here is paper off the internet of how to make a giraffe. Now make them for all of your kids.–Avalon


Teacher! Unicorn!

If I could describe the day in two words it would be; hot mess. I’m not even really sure what happened. I was teaching kids about the continents and giving certificates for something and putting a piece of fabric on Eileen and then my class was called in to the auditorium where a TA taped balloons to their butts and they ran around trying to rip them off of each other and then I was told I wasn’t supposed to give certificates and then I was put in a picture with my kids and the Madagascar characters and the Circle of Life playing in the background.

if that didn’t make any sense it’s because the day didn’t make any sense

My balloon animals went from looking like male anatomy to swords, to hats, and then by the time my homicidal class rolled in, I did make a giraffe! I was really proud of it and wanted to keep it but then Jully asked if she could have it.



So I guess, at the end of the day, I had gained a new skill making it successful. And I’m doing the entire thing again on Monday. Neither of which are actually Children’s Day, which we have off work!

And seeing as I’m neither a mother nor a father, I think I’ll consider it my first real Kid’s Day.



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