of challenges accepted

Director: “Mallory Teacher, you have to teach two lessons to Ocean class to make up for the ones you missed.”

Me: “okay no problem.”

Director: “That’s ten pages.”

Me: “That’s okay. That class is smart.”

Director: “No they are not smart.”

Eunhwa: /laughs/ “that is not a smart class.”

Me: “Wait, what? I thought they were smart.”

are all of my other classes just complete idiots in comparison?

They gave me this pitiful look like, “oh you know nothing.”

A normal person would have felt defeated but I was in a feisty mood after listening to the new exo album all morning and instead just thought


That class has 12 kids and isn’t easy. There are 6 kids who participate regularly and the other six just write down the answers which is fine with me. I usually draw some kind of picture on the white board depending on the lesson. I’ve drawn a muffin, a maid, a cupcake, a lobster, and plenty of other things to match vocabulary. ¬†Despite the fact that I grew up in a scrapbook store, my sketching skills aren’t the best.

but you should see me on a die cut machine

They always look a little like this

Which at least the kids find hilarious. Then I ask them to give me point values for each part of the drawing, which range anywhere from 1 to infinity. I recently taught them the word googleplex which has become a class favorite. Then I divide the class into boys vs girls and force them to come up with a creative team name (they’re getting better) and for every book question they raise their hands and they throw a sticky ball at my drawing for a point value. At the end of the game, the winning team gets two stamps and the losing team gets one stamp because I’m generous.

Anyway–today I told them we couldn’t do that because we had to get through two lessons.

Kevin: “why two lessons teacher?”

Me: “it’s like a new game. Think of it as a race.”

So they did.

And guess what? We finished our pages.


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