of cat cafes and buskers

Hongdae is a chest of sparkling gems. I just want to pick up handfuls and let them run through my fingers and let them tinkle back down and then pick up another handful and show all my friends and we can dig through them together.

look all the sparkles

On this particular trip, I had two goals, of which both were accomplished.

First–the Cat Cafe. I had seen this on the internet and decided that it needed to happen. Now I’m not really a cat person. I used to be, but every cat I’ve named has had a most early and tragic death (Smokey: run over by a car. Allie: jaundice. Noel: anxiety attack. Oreo: ear infection). I guess over time I just distanced myself from the entire species. Like–my interaction with you will be your demise, so I’ll leave you alone.

Also–an entire cafe dedicated to mixing hairy curious animals with food just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Especially after watching Animal Hoarders, the whole concept of cats in a kitchen really grosses me out. And yet–I had to go. It’s such a weird concept. I must go. I could not not go.


Why they chose the cat who looks like he lost an alley fight, I’ll never understand


thank you!

After some…exploring…we found the entrance and headed up to the third floor of the many tall buildings. I was worried we would find it by the smell first but no–it had no smell at all. We took off our shoes, changed into provided slippers, hand sanitized, and ventured in.


A McDonald’s playland for cats

You buy a drink and then have wipi and unlimited stay. You can rough and tumble for hours. As long as you keep to the rules.


These cats must have saved some babies in their past lives or something because they have reached cat nirvana. They live in a place where people pay to pet and feed and brush them.



And photograph them

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the fact that the bartender was also carrying around a cat. But, growing up with cats my entire life, I figured I had eaten enough hairs to be immune to most diseases.


cool? or gross?


you decide

And these cats were so beautiful. I worked for a woman who apparently had the offspring of the third most beautiful cat in the world (judged in an international competition) but…these cats rivaled hers.


the playbill

My favorite part was when the owner came out and scooped some fancy feast onto the back of everyone’s hand and then the cats had a reason to come up to you.


hit me


something I never knew I wanted


ravenous beasts

We chilled around for about an hour. Watching the people as much as the cats.


man and animal. 


that sir, is a woman, not a cat.

Anyway, if you are a cat person you would be in nirvana as well and could stay for as many feedings as you would like. If you’re a novelty person, like me, an hour or two would suffice. Though we did get a frequent comer card. And if you hate cats, don’t come here.

At dusk, the buskers started coming out. As I said before, Hongdae is an arts college town. So all the students are new-agey and fascinating. There were amateurs as well as professionals. Magicians and singers and dancers and guitarists and boy groups and girl groups. They all had crowds, some bigger than others, and it was all just very exciting and I felt really cool.

My favorite was a boys performance group. We were walking by and I heard Mirotic and I was like ‘oh my I love this song’ which was a weird moment because it’s not a new song. Sometimes I forget that I’m in Korea and then something like this happens and I remember.

He had no idea what was coming to him 

Speaking of K-Pop there is crazy shiz going down right now. There’s just so much going on it’s something new every day. Remember when I went to that exo concert a few weeks ago? Well it was a teaser for their upcoming album. And boy does Korea know how to tease. Every day SM has released these mysterious 1:00 videos that make zero sense yet thousands of fangurls are spending their homework time to analyze how the numbers are all linked Sehun’s coral socks and Suho’s ring match and therefore DO’s magic balls have no control over them. Something like that.

If there’s anything I learned from LOST is to never analyze numbers. Spoiler Alert: THEY DON’T MEAN ANYTHING.

But hey what do I know, I’m just over here like

hey thanks for the pretty

Anyway the title track released last night and it has already topped the charts even though there has been no music video and they’ve never actually performed it so riddle me that (they only teased it at the concert). It’s like the Harry Potter of K-Pop over here in Korea. The album is being released tonight and then I guess we’ll know.

ALSO, there is an extremely important thing I forgot to mention because I was in the hospital and there was a lot going on my life.

But, two weeks ago I noticed that Dream Concert 2015 was happening in May.

I showed it to K-Pop friend and she was like, we’re going, and I was like, obviously. I figured we’d just scalp them per usual but then I got a facebook message from her at 4am saying she had bought us VIP tickets…on her credit card…and I may or may not have had a mini freakout.

Now I’m not entirely sure what this means. I only know that all of my favorite people are going to be there and we are going to be on the floor in the front, and apparently get private transportation to and from Gangnam station, and a towel and lightstick (?). To put it another way, 99% of the people in the gifs on this blog are going to be there. I’m trying to fill all of my weekends with fun things to do until May 23 so it will go by faster.

So, in conclusion, my life is like a giant bathtub of jewels and I’m just bathing in happiness and sparkles.


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