Of meat and britney

I finally had a traditional Korean dinner, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for months now but without the money, or the party, it’s been difficult.

Real dinner in Korea is where you take your shoes off and go sit on little cushions in a private room at a low table with bbq grills and little flight attendant ladies go around laying down thin slabs of meat and you sit there staring and salivating until it’s done.

FullSizeRender 8

Me: say kimchi! Them: no

In the meantime they bring around dozens and dozens of tiny side dishes until the entire table is covered and you stick your chopsticks in and try a little of this and a little of that and then some meat and some rice and then repeat. You don’t have your own plate–everything is everyone’s.

FullSizeRender 9

Every one of those bowls is different and I don’t know what any of them are

I think my favorite thing was the marinated crab, which I didn’t find out was raw crab until later, but sometimes it’s best that way. I also really liked these little mushrooms dipped in cocktail sauce and the kimchi soup. And oh my gosh the meat. My stomach just started rumbling typing that sentence and I ate an entire thigh barely an hour ago.

Anyway, Director decided that Friday, March 27, was a good night to go out for dinner.

which is as good a night as any I suppose

This is an interesting situation because our Director is female, and every single teacher and office worker is female. To reiterate that–there are 0 males who work my Langcon Branch. We’re just a spritely group of girls out on the town…at a traditional Korean restaurant…two of whom are moms and have actual babies waiting for them at home…after 8 hours of manhandling Satan spawn…

Director tried to make it lively. She paid for some beers and soju–but half of the people drove the other half of the people and therefore didn’t drink. And the others, like I said, had babies at home. Sohee however is self-proclaimed heavy drinker which makes me laugh so hard because she is this tiny asian fairy but I guess that is part of her charm.

Then Director brought out some papers with challenges on them which was almost funny but not quite. Everyone picked a challenge with instructions like “Latin dance with Sujin” or “do a k-pop dance”. I picked “Sing a song with HT while Director dances.” HT was thoroughly embarrassed because I guess she has always said she hated singing so Director put her name there on purpose–no matter who picked it. HT and I tried to find a common song but eventually I was just like, “do you want me to do my Britney Spears impression?” and that’s how I ended up singing Oops! I Did it Again in my best Britney drawl while Director danced around the table in her power suit.

It was funny in a “is this actually my life” kind of way

In the end however, I’d say it paid off. Director gave the best act a free movie ticket. And guess who won?

this girl

So now I have a ticket for one to see a movie that more than likely won’t have subtitles and I’ll be sitting there eating squid flavored popcorn or something thinking about how strange my life is. But I mean, it doesn’t require money or a party so I guess it’s perfect for me.


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