of Alien-ness

I am officially a resident of Korea! Well, an alien resident, which in itself is an oxymoron. How can I be an alien if I am physically residing somewhere that is not my home?

This makes me feel a little sad inside. Like “you will never be one of us so don’t even try.” Not that I’m trying to be–diehard America fan over here–but still. I AM living here aren’t I?

look it’s me


This ARC opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I can get a bank card. Which means I can buy things on the internet now.

And by now I mean in a few months when I pay my hospital bills and credit card.

Korea has some amazing online shopping which is good because it’s not like I can be carting home giant cork boards (what I plan to cover my walls with) from Homeplus. Also I can order fried chicken over the phone.

because the lady at the end of the block is just too far

And I can buy concert tickets online and by buy I actually mean “try to buy” because tickets sell out in .4 seconds. I may end up just scalping them anyway let’s be honest.

because non-alien fangurls terrify me

Or I could be too nervous to do any of these things since everything is written in Korean and thereby not use it all except to prove I am not a real resident if I am ever hospitalized again.

Which I guess proves why I will always be an alien.


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