Of Missing

While ‘you look sick’ maybe the worst thing you could ever say to someone, ‘I missed you’ may be one of the best.

I had my Wednesday kids today–the ones that had my substitute on Monday. First thing little Stella A (there are two Stellas) comes up to me and grabs my hands and says,

“Mallory Teacher are you okay? Are you sick?”

“Not anymore Stella I am okay,”

“Mallory Teacher don’t get sick. I missed you I love you don’t go away.”

Not gonna lie I may or may not have teared up a bit. You should see this girl she’s like a love child of Tinkerbell and Luhan.

Her cuteness level should not be allowed. My morning wasn’t the best but let’s just say her holding my hand and her saying that changed everything.

Then I heard from Jessica Teacher, who I share my favorite class with, that that class was asking for me all day Monday saying that I was their favorite teacher and they want me to come back.

They were so excited to see me in the hallway as they came in and apparently word had gotten around that I had been in the hospital so everyone was asking if I was okay and that they missed me and it was just so heartwarming.

And of course My Ladies class–the very last one of the day where I had literally been covering one eye and telling them I was dizzy last Friday–came into the office during our 5 minute break and said “MALLORY TEACHER YOU ARE OKAY YOU ARE BACK’ and then I heard Min-a yell down the hall “JULIE, MALLORY IS BACK’ and it was almost too much for my poor heart to handle.

are you trying to send me back to the hospital?

So anyway.  They missed me. And I didn’t realize how much I’d missed them too.


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