of pharmacies and friends

You know someone is a true friend when they hold back your hair as you vomit up your thin mint milk in the toilet. Yes, that was the glory of Saturday. My angelic friend came over and basically sat in my apartment all day to make sure I didn’t die.

Essentially, all day my brain was like ‘I’m starving’ and my stomach was like

Eventually I just gave and laid in bed drifting in and out of consciousness.

Silvia went out and found a 약 because apparently there is one at the very end of my street. I just didn’t walk far enough that one night.

there needs to be a new type of irony developed to describe my life

So she went to the pharmacy and pointed at her head and her stomach and the pharmacist gave her a plethora of medicine to heal her (me) with specific instructions on how to take it. This is interesting to me because pharmacies in the States are where you a) go to get Nyquil or b) pick up medicine a doctor prescribed.

But the pharmacist here is essentially a doctor who prescribes you medicine on the spot–no questions asked. So, if I had just gone to the pharmacist Friday night instead of the hospital, much trouble and anxiety would have been spared by everyone.


very very mysterious

I tried to take the medicine like he asked but the bottles smelled like someone mixed gasoline and hydrogen peroxide and when one can’t even keep water down it’s just–not a good idea.


And the packet is little grain things the size of mustard seeds and you’re just supposed to throw them into your mouth and hope for the best. They tasted a lot like ginger, both going down and coming back up. I was eventually able to take some of the mysterious aqua pills (there were two packs and I was supposed to take one pill 3x a day).

Anyway Silvia did a lot for me and deserves all the happiness life has to offer. I eventually forced her to go home because there really wasn’t much anyone could do I just need to lay on the bed and not be anything for a while so that’s what I did. And then I watched some music videos that are an excellent form of therapy.

In fact, I think that watching this video twice a day, added to regular counseling and prescribed medicine, would seriously help people suffering from depression.

If this video doesn’t make you smile, you have no soul. I mean he’s doing a photo shoot with a pony. A freaking shetland pony.

Anyway, Sunday I woke up and laid around until I felt well enough to go to Silvia’s apartment and I even ate some fried chicken which in retrospect was probably not the best decision I’ve ever made and I felt a little dizzy afterwards; but I hadn’t eaten anything in three days and it was just so delicious. Don’t worry–there were no problems except for the fact that I missed my bus. Note to self: self the 92 bus does not run after 11.

so we ended up having a sleepover #firstworldproblems

But I was given the day off–Avalon sent a substitute so that’s nice of them.

I think what I’m most worried about is how I’m going to address Director now. Like–especially in Korea–words mean a lot. There are entirely different verb conjugations for someone even just 1 year younger than you, 1 year older than you, just 1 position higher or lower than you, and then there’s the Boss. And it’s always this weird game like, “how old are you I need to know how to talk to you” and luckily I don’t speak Korean because then it would get really complicated.

But there are worse things. I’m feeling well enough that I think I’ll even drink my thin mint milk again tomorrow. Maybe.


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