of teacher problems

My fiancee and I are having a falling out.

We have been for a while actually, we’ve just been too proud to go to counseling. But it’s time we talked to someone about it. We want to reconcile our differences, but at this point I don’t know that it’s possible.

In all seriousness though, Mr. E may actually be the biggest cause of stress in my life. This kid has serious issues. And I’m not talking about the typical “I can’t sit in my chair” or “I’m really slow at writing” or “I have separation anxiety and cry every day” issues. These I can deal with. These I understand and can excuse away, even try to help. But control issues? I have hard time understanding those with adults let alone children.

You’d think a class of three kids would be my easiest but they are actually my hardest. Two days ago Mr. E told me that he went to my house over the weekend and really likes my family. Then yesterday he repeatedly told me that I was a bad teacher, loudly in front of the two other kids, and that he told his mom I was a bad teacher, and that I should go back to America.

The problem is that our student-teacher relationship was impossible to maintain. First off, there are only three kids, so  I have a personal relationship with all of them. Secondly, I have him every day for 40 minutes.

I may spend more time with him than his parents do

Thirdly, he’s incredibly smart–and he knows it. He knows he can speak in Korean even though there’s a no Korean in class policy, because I can’t do anything about it, which pisses me off. But then he’ll insult me to my face in perfect English

Which pisses me off even more

His intelligence also means that there is no work for him to do. We have certain pages to do every day in the textbook and if I can convince him to sit down, he’ll sit there and work on it and be done in five minutes. Then he declares that he is done with school and puts on his coat and backpack and goes and sits by the door–on a good day. On bad days he’ll run around screaming or jump up and dance on the table  or steal my markers and draw naughty things on the whiteboard.

what the actual hell is wrong with you

In the meantime, Mystery is a little slower so I help him fill out the book and then he runs around with Mr. E. And Jully is in her own world walking around with various toys. She never does the pages unless I sit her down and tell her which words to write while the boys run around screaming.

And it’s not just me. Sohee teacher has the same problems. Yesterday Mr. E straight up hit her on the head with the buuing buuing hammer and calls her bad names and we come into the office every day and deep sigh about that class. And then I try and come up with some kind of distraction so they have something to do for 30 minutes. I’ve made crosswords, wordsearches, bingo boards, jeopardy, all things that aren’t a part of the curriculum I’ve done extra just to keep them entertained and they usually just flip the papers over and draw robots on the back, which is fine I guess as long as they’re quiet.

The only thing that seems to work is the promise of candy, which pisses me off because he doesn’t deserve candy.

I know he’s just a kid. I know that he has some kind of behavioral issues that make him this way that probably stem from home issues and stress. I just don’t understand those problems and therefore don’t know how to fix them which is really tough for me because I just want to help and not be told I am a bad teacher who needs to go back home.

/rant over/


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