of church

On webmds list of things to do with a sore throat, screaming “앙코르” (encore) for three minutes straight at a Korean boy band’s concert is not there.

seriously how long can it take for you to pick an encore song

Which explains why I woke up yesterday morning sounding like Kermit the Frog. I laid there in bed laughing, which dissolved into a coughing fit.

All I wanted to do was stay in bed seeing as I had gotten back at 1:30 the night before (the bus by my apartment apparently stops running at some point at night…so I had to improvise…) and now it was 7:30.

But, my life is full speed ahead these days. No rest for the weary. I have things to do. Places to see. People to meet.

So I set off on Mallory’s Adventure to Find Church, Part 2.

I really actually don’t have much of a story to tell here. I had emailed the leaders asking for directions during they week as I should have done originally, and they sent them to me, and I got there without getting lost at all. Turns out–I had done everything right last week, except I went in completely the wrong direction. What I mean is that I had taken the right subway line, gotten off at the right stop even, I had just taken the wrong exit out of the subway station, putting me on the opposite side of the street. So I was right, even though I was very wrong.

Turns out, if I had been in the right place, the building is quite easy to find.


this looks promising

Inside, there are the same pictures, the same blue carpet, the same pews, the same yellow gym wood floor and folding chairs, the same light fixtures and gray signs for the classrooms. It’s really all quite the same.

And it is HUGE. They’re technically a branch but I was sitting the overflow and the chapel was packed and they had to set up more chairs. Granted, I bet there are many visitors that come , and the permanent members are still usually temporary (2-3 years or however long the US military deems).

So I sat in the back not wanting to talk to anyone seeing as I sounded like that lady from the anti-smoking commercials. Maybe I’d introduce myself to one person–so they’d see my face–and then scurry out and worry about making friends next week.

that’s an interesting thought

Yes. Well. An old man introduced himself to me before the meeting while I’m sucking on my 4th lozenge of the day and I manage to sound almost normal. We talk a bit and I’m like, “so are you in the Bishopric?”

“Yes, I’m the Branch President.”

oh, hey

“Do you mind saying the closing prayer?”



So that’s how I ended up saying the closing prayer in front of 400 people. And of course, now I’m a target so I also get called on–“hey, since you’re new come help me”– to be an object lesson in Sunday School where I had to hold a carseat with a 25 pound weight in it for 5 minutes. And then in third hour I was handed a quote to read.

So they got my information and everyone is nice and I met some other teachers. Some have been here for years some months, and one girl graduated from BYU and started just a few weeks ago like me. Unlike me, she’s had a horrific experience which I won’t go into detail now since I don’t know that much about it and I have to go to school.

But anyway. I made it church. And there are hundreds of witnesses.


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