of bad kids and good kids

I love when opposite days are back to back. It’s like the universe can tell you your life sucks one day, and then the next remind you that it’s actually really awesome.

Mid-day yesterday I caught a violent cough. From the cesspool of germs and bacteria that is Elementary School, I’m actually kind of surprised I went an entire month sickness-free.

I made it through the last four hours and left right at 8:30 to find a pharmacy, which I assumed would be on my market street, seeing as they are more common than graveyards in New England.

Well I could not find one and I was getting looks from the fried chicken lady and the carp bread guy because I was coughing up vital organs. Finally I swallowed my pride and just decided to ask a group of teenagers who were loitering about. Teenagers are usually the most helpful seeing as they are still in English class and probably had foreign teachers growing up. So I went up to this group of girls who were clinging to each other and giggling.

It is times like this when I am so grateful for my stash of over 4000 gifs because I could not display the emotions any better way. Our conversation went like this:

/in broken korean/ Excuse me, do you know where the nearest pharmacy is?


me: switches to English and points at throat and head and says medicine??? pharmacy???






I literally turned to the one guy in the group and said “what is so funny.” And he just laughed at me too. So I then proceeded to say some not nice things in Korean

which apparently they understood


I did eventually find a 7/11 but they only had children’s tylenol so I popped like 5 of them and now I will probably get ulcers.

Today I told Sohee about what happened. I repeated exactly what I said when I asked for the pharmacy and Sohee was like, “yeah that’s right. I don’t know why they would laugh at you.”

Anyway. I came home and went to bed and slept 12 hours.

I woke up not feeling any better, but knowing that it was Friday, and that I like (almost) all of my classes on Fridays, and then it would be the weekend when I would do fun things.

And today– (almost) all of my kids were angels. First off, Mr. E wasn’t there so my two Ninas sat there and did the work and we chatted and there was no crying or screaming or punching or leaving the room. Nope just me babysitting them for 40 minutes.

And in (one of) my favorite classes, I was given this lovely gem. Apparently the school is holding a “portrait contest” where the kids draw pictures of their favorite teacher and the teachers collect them and then next Friday they are all turned in and someone picks the best.

FullSizeRender 4

I may or may not have this skirt from Old Navy in four colors

Also, back to the idea of sharing, the kids just hand me stuff as I’m walking around and I throw it in my basket of fun (markers, pen, buuing hammer, squishy ball, etc) and it isn’t until the end of the day I dump it in my drawer and see everything.


good haul today

The Nestle was from Emily in my Ocean class (the only class I don’t like), the nice chocolates are from Lewis who threw them in my basket all embarrassed while we were walking out, the lollipop is from Bonny–the cool 10 year old I want to be friends with, and the candies are from my Pinta ladies who shared their snacks.

And then this morning, one of the cutest kids I have, Harry, tried to the throw the squishy ball at the board (our favorite game) and he straight up fell over for some reason and I have a sadistic sense of humor and started laughing and then coughing up a lung and even crying a bit and all the kids started laughing, Harry the loudest, and it was a cute moment.

Anyway–there are so many moments every day. I can’t even keep track of them all.

Glad I had good kids today.


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