of orange

I made a big mistake today people.

So there’s one kid in this class who’s a little chubby. By chubby I mean Asian chubby…so essentially baby fat. He will probably Neville Up and become a K-Pop star and people will look at before-and-after pictures and be like…whoa…


But he always sits in the back of the class with this “I’m going to murder your first born child” look and doesn’t even open his textbook. As long as he’s quiet…right?

So I decide to play a game and by game I mean “do the pages, just divide the class against each other so they think they are having fun when actually even I’m bored out of my mind.”

I’m also trying to raise these kids’ creativity level. There’s a writing portion of some classes and foreign teachers have told me they basically feed these kids exactly what to say because I guess creative writing isn’t really a focus. By creative writing I’m not talking about poetry or young adult novels, I’m talking about making a topic sentence and detail sentences and stringing them together. Now, I know doing it in English is different than doing it in their native language…but I guess they even have problems with that.

So whenever I divide the class into teams they want to be “Team One” and “Team Two” or on a good day “Team Lang” and Team Con”.

No. That is unacceptable. They’re getting better at it. Team “Nice” and Team “Zombies”. Okay…making progress.

Anyway, my ocean class wasn’t coming up with anything so I told them to pick an animal. One team chose “White Tiger Team”

an adjective even!

The other team was going to choose team Orange Tiger…which was slightly disappointing but you can’t get everything you want. But then one kid was like, “NO JUST TEAM ORANGE” and the whole class laughed so I rolled my eyes and erased the tiger part and the entire class went into an uproar.

the ovation every stand up comedian dreams of

haha why is everyone laughing haha

Then Baby Fat got up and stormed out of the room. You know in cartoons when there is smoke coming out of someone’s ears? It was that. I refuse to chase after children. I just won’t do it. Which is why I’ll probably end up with at least one of my own children running away someday. But they always come back. And I have 12 other kids I have to teach.

Then Teacher Eunhwa comes in (my Korean co-teacher for that class) comes back with Baby Fat and asks to speak with me. Oh dear.

Teacher Eunhwa is actually in her 30s and has children, unlike the rest of us. All the kids love her and us teachers love her too.

So she pulls me outside and says, “did you name one of the teams Team Orange?”

Me: “yes…”

TE: “because Baby Fat is a little chubby, the kids make fun of him by calling him Orange Soda because he drinks a lot of soda. And in Korea, we just call it Orange.”

watch this entire gif

Now that, my friends, is an epic fail.

I know I can’t be too hard on myself. There’s no way I could know any of those things. But it doesn’t change the fact that it happened. And no matter how much logic I try to enforce, my feeling of regret and stupidity overcome it.

So I raced back in and changed them just to Team Tiger and we continued with the class, Baby Fat back in the corner as before.

Hopefully I won’t do that again Wednesday.


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