of money

Oh the glory that is pay day.

Rolling in the dough

At least for the next month. We get paid on the 10th of every month, and since I only worked part of the month I didn’t get a full paycheck. But I have a lot more than I had yesterday.

I checked my account because I had the nice thought of buying candy for My Ladies. Guess how much I had. 5 cents. Guys–I had a freaking nickel to my name.

And this was after a generous loan to pay for my ARC. #eternalblessingsforyou

Advice to future Korean teachers: bring some money. Your ARC costs about $30 and your health check will cost about $120. There’s also groceries, which aren’t that expensive unless you’re me and like to try everything.

And coffee shops are ridiculously expensive and you don’t have to go to them unless you are wipi-less and therefore are missing a vital limb

And the brain cells that control your remaining limbs

Anyway, there are so many things I want to buy with this paycheck, but I am going to control myself. Use discipline. Number one–wipi. Number two–mirror and hooks for my room. Number three–a SHINee hat that is way overpriced but I want it so bad and I keep thinking about and I will not rest until it is on my head. Number four–more groceries from the market that I want to try asap.

The other room improvements can wait until next paycheck. When my apartment has actualized, I will do a post on the many weird things that came with the apartment (an egg shelf?), and the TLC-status makeover. So be excited.

As for today… ( dot dot dot = jom jom jom in Korean) it’s getting better. I’m starting to understand things. I know what the younger classes like. I’m still trying to work out my older classes. Today we played hot potato with a ball and sang the ABCs and the person who held the ball at the end of the song had to read. I was hesitant to play this game since it insinuates that the loser has to read, and therefore reading is a punishment. However to my pleasant surprise, there were a few students who would hold on to the ball because they wanted to read!

My future disciples

One of my favorite students has to be Chris. He is in the Specials class with old kid and Gu Jun Pyo and Harry Potter. Most of the kids, when they see me, wave and yell “Hello Mallory Teacher!” This is fine–I say hello back. And then there’s Chris who whenever sees me, he smiles and does a little head bow and I just

be with me always

I still don’t understand the purpose of this class. There’s Proper Chris and Gu Jun Pyo who are so smart and answer all the questions and know things about pasta I didn’t (the lesson today. Pasta? Really?). Then there’s old kid who I still haven’t managed a smile from yet. I really don’t know how old he is and I think he’s embarrassed to be in a class with such young kids. It’s like either end of the spectrum, with two kids in between.

Someone please help. this question keeps me up at night

So I’m at my favorite place and the ahjumma just came and plugged in my floor so it’s warm–which I didn’t know they had here. And she asked for my frequent customer coupon and stamped it.

So there’s this sticky note taped to the table and I finally decided to translate it.

It says something along the lines of, “please buy one item from the menu for every hour you spend here to keep us in business.

FullSizeRender 2

how could I not when they ask so nicely???

There are more things that happened today but I can’t find a common theme except for happiness that I am no longer broke. I’m going to go buy some Mochi from ahjumma fangurl and call it a night.


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