of Training

Yesterday was my first day of training, which should have been titled, “welcome to Korea–here is exactly what you should do to succeed.” Which was nice, except for on the ride home I was like,

I was so blown away by the little candies and the powerpoint slides overall organization of it that I forgot to pay attention a lot of the time. It’s just so different from my last experience! I think a lot of people felt overwhelmed but I was basically basking in the regularity of it all…even if I don’t remember much.

My favorite part was the ice-breaker game at the beginning–people Bingo. As a BYU alumni, I have played more people Bingo than a cruise ship entertainment captain. Oh my gosh this coffee shop (Indigo Blue) just turned on Britney Spears yes. They also have the best strawberry smoothie I have ever tasted, however I can’t find any plugs and naturally my computer is about to die so that’s why this post is concise.

I also just ate this. It’s bulgogi (beef, onion, spice mixture) sandwiched between two rice patties which as a celiac, literally solves all of my problems.

Anyway back to people Bingo. So my favorite square was “can name at least 5 Kpop idol groups”. I couldn’t fill this in for myself and my kpop friends filled in others related to the subject, so I’m going around to find someone and I went up to this white kid–probably the whitest kid I’ve ever met. He had his hair all gelled back and round silver glasses and was wearing a sweater vest and he was like, “I can name five idol groups” all embarrassed and I was like,

The only people I like more than fangirls are fanboys

The poor boy has been here for three months (he had to fly in early–long story) and did all the kpop things by himself. I got his kakao and assured him that he was not alone.

Anyway, the presentation was a lot about using the Avalon system which the woman just clicked around on the computer screen but it’s hard to learn that kind of thing without a computer in front of you. Then there was a British guy who’s been here for 5 years and gave some tips on succeeding in the workplace with typical self-deprecating British humor. I think the main point of his presentation was, “you can wear whatever you want, do whatever you want, and be whoever you want, just know that people are going to judge you.”

tell me something I don’t know

Just kidding his part was actually very entertaining. Anyway, we got out late and came back and Head Teacher told me I didn’t have to come into work so I had time to write that extremely long post about Hongdae.

Tomorrow I go back for more training, specifically for Langcon, so I should learn more about what I’m actually doing. Also, today I mock taught for the first time, but my computer is literally red so that’s going to have to wait. Also, I’m tired.


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